What 2019 has in store for Meghan Markle – according to an astrologer

Motherhood and moving sparks a busy year for this Leo, but what else?

It's not long now until the arrival of the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry's baby, with the due date mooted to be April/May. But as we wait for the pitter patter of royal baby feet plus a move to Windsor for the couple, what else is written in the stars for Meghan (who's a Leo, by the way) over the coming few months? Here, astrologer Venus & Vesta takes a look into her astrological chart:

Breath of fresh air

Duchess Meghan has her ascendant in Cancer, so this means she is able to share her caring and mothering side to the world. Her empathy with female causes has been evident throughout her life, even before she became a royal and this year it levels up. The destiny point, called the North Node, will be travelling through Cancer, opening up new ways to express this nurturing side of her. Obviously this is perfect as she will have a new baby to care for, but it goes deeper than just her personal world and through this she will develop in emotional maturity and understanding about the needs of others.

Meghan and Harry

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As well as expanding her capacity to welcome and connect with people, Saturn and Pluto in her 6th house all year will allow her to create new ways of doing conventional things and this is a breath of fresh air for the monarchy. Both these planets urge her to not only question the status quo, but develop modern and workable protocol that may be a break with age old tradition with super-efficient ideas that benefit the working life of future royals. Meghan is an extremely capable person and a Leo to boot, so she will want to bring her ideas to her new role. Her Leo warmth and the charm of her moon in Libra will ensure she can move mountains with the diplomacy required to make things happen.

Taurean baby?

The full moon in Libra on 21 March is a perfect time for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to move to Windsor as Libra rules the home section of Meghan’s chart. She will make every effort to give Frogmore Cottage the typical Libra flair for well-balanced design and every comfort. It is just as well the planets urge her to create her home before the arrival of the baby, said to be at the end of April or the beginning of May, as this means it is mostly likely a Taurus. The royal Taurean baby will have the planet of Uranus connected to his or her sun and this will give baby Sussex huge amounts of energy and a real thirst for life and all it has to offer. Uranus here means the baby could come unexpectedly and the birth to happen very quickly, perhaps even a caesarean, so the Duchess will have her hands full, not only with the baby, but with the sudden change in her own needs.


A creative role

Despite any pressure, the Duchess of Sussex’s Leo nature will naturally and gracefully over-come any irregularities in royal life and from the new moon in August and around her birthday on 4th, she will step out more publicly and into motherhood with aplomb. Her maternity will be partially finished and we will start to see more of her smiling face and the new baby, as she won’t be able to refrain from being out, enjoying the summer and seasonal events. Meghan's world will continually expand and grow as Jupiter, the planet of expansion provides her with new ways of expressing herself.

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She may have given up her social media accounts and her blog, but the autumn planets want her to continue to be creative and once she gets into a regular nursery and baby pattern, the chances of Meghan taking up some sort of hobby or new platform are very high. We simply cannot keep this Duchess from wanting to change the world and motherhood is not going to stop her!

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