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The Duchess of Cornwall's horoscope for 2019

An astrologer charts the Duchess of Cornwall's stars for the year ahead

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Carla Challis
Carla ChallisCommerce Partnerships Editor
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Her fate is somewhat tied to that of Prince Charles, so it's no surprise to find out that the Duchess of Cornwall's horoscopes for the year ahead have a lot in common with her husband's. Here, astrologer @VenusAndVesta delves deeper into what 2019 will bring for Camilla.

Higher profile

Camilla is the future Queen Consort and from early March, both she and Prince Charles could be given new roles or even more senior positions as Uranus, the planet of change, moves into Camilla’s career sector to re-organise the royal household. There may be a time of readjustment for the Duchess as she comes to terms with what this means to her as she increasingly moves towards a higher profile.

Camilla and Prince Charles

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The Duchess of Cornwall handles her public engagements like she was born to it, due to the serious planet, Saturn sitting on her Leo ascendant, lending her real gravitas. However, with Uranus coming into play, she may be sparked into action to secure her position and that of Charles'. This is where the royal inner circle starts to become serious about their future roles and make adjustments to accommodate a more modern fast paced world.

Serving a nation

There is so much more to Camilla than first meets the eye and behind her outward regal appearance, there is a warm, caring and loving person with her sun, moon and Venus, all in Cancer. She has so much more empathy and grace which the wider public do not get to see, and as the North Node destiny point moves through Cancer in 2019, these qualities will come to the fore. This aligns with the Cancer placements of both Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, as if they have worked together to amplify the caring qualities of monarchy, and the notion of what it means to serve a nation.

Camilla and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge

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With so many planets in Cancer, the Duchess is also likely to feel the Cancer lunar eclipse which occurs right on her natal moon and Venus in July, and acts as an upgrade to her ability to make sincere emotional connections and improve her approval ratings. This is a definitive flash of inspiration to the way she relates to her public and the way that she is regarded. The Duchess of Cornwall is a hard worker and knows how to use her intelligence to organise her life and therefore, doesn’t waste time; this year, her hard work will pay off. Neptune will give her a few breaks throughout the year, in April, September and November and she will be surprised at how easy some of her projects suddenly work out in unexpected ways. This will allow her to relax a little and she will see that letting her guard down will pay off in so many special ways.

@VenusAndVesta posts regular astrological insights combined with contemporary culture and mythical phenomena on Instagram and Facebook. For workshops or private consultations, contact her via Instagram.

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