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Knight in shining armour Russell is surprise guest at our readers' wedding

hannah bryan lacey
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Every girl dreams of meeting their knight in shining armour at the top of the aisle. But just imagine the surprise of bride Hannah Lacey when she was greeted by the Hollywood star, Russell Crowe on her wedding day.

We've seen him on screen in Gladiator, and now it seems that the groom Bryan may have met with some stiff competition as his bride got swept off her feet by the rugged charmer. 


Russell had coincidentally been staying at Coworth Park filming Les Misérables and, having heard of the spectacular ceremony, wished to give his kind regards and congratulations in person.Truly the icing on the cake, the handsome hunk asked Mr and Mrs Bryan Lacey all about their special day and reportedly chatted away to them about 'love, life and having a family'.


Overwhelmed with surprise, Hannah had only just recovered from her husband's rendition of 'Caravan in Hull', a beautiful yet witty song which he had written in secret before the wedding.The groom, a comedian who has worked alongside Dara O'Brian and Milton Jones, came into his own with this personal performance leaving his new wife and guests in fits of laughter. The video filmed by Hannah's brother has since gone viral on Youtube gaining over 126,000 views.Mrs Lacey told HELLO! Online that both the song and wedding speeches had the 'perfect mix of heartfelt sentiment and comedy'.


The fun and festivities continued well into the evening after an outstanding meal of lobster and confit delivered by the chefs of Coworth Park who went out of the way to surpass every request.

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