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The 30 best floral-themed wedding cakes

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With summer just around the corner, floral decorated wedding cakes and country garden-themed treats are back in fashion. Brides are instantly gravitating towards large, multi-tiered cakes, adorned with flowers, soft petals and dainty leaves.

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has hopped from bakery to bakery to find the best


wedding cakes on the market.

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Wedding cakes


Celebrated cake maker Rosalind Miller is just one of the designers who has developed the floral theme and recently unveiled her 2014 range — the Floral Couture Collection. Hummingbird Bakery, meanwhile, often sees brides and grooms wanting to "incorporate elements of their wedding floristry into their chosen wedding cake design," the chain's managing director Tarek Malouf told HELLO! Online. "Many of the customers coming to us for wedding consultations request some form of floral decoration," he said. "If they've chosen their wedding flowers or colour scheme, we can match the cake to tie all the details together. Whether it's lace or beading from a wedding dress or fabric from their wedding suits, it's always possible to co-ordinate the cake design in some way to reflect these features." The cake decorators at Hummingbird Bakery make the sugar flowers by hand, meaning that the large roses can take around an hour to finish. The master chefs apply edible paint and lustre to the fondant to give it that unique colour and shimmer. As the stores are famous for their red velvet cupcakes, it's no surprise that many brides and grooms choose Hummingbird Bakery's bestseller for their wedding cake.

"A generous tower of cupcakes is always a poular choice," said Tarek, adding that other interesting flavour combinations include coconut, chocolate fudge and lemon and raspberry.

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