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Top 5 healthy eating tips every bride should follow

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Planning a wedding is notoriously stressful and can affect brides' health and diet. For women who want to improve their eating habits or make sure they're getting their five a day, follow these top five healthy living tips from nutritionist Judy Watson at Champneys, the spas that promote health and fitness breaks.

  1. Start the day... by drinking warm water with lemon juice to aid digestion and reduce bloating throughout the day. Have a glass of water one hour before you go to bed to support liver detoxification which is proactive between 11 am and 3 pm. 
  2. Change your snacks... add four Brazil nuts to your fruit snack during the day to fine-tune your blood sugar levels. This will give you a great burst of energy. 
  3. Make food substitutes... swap bread at lunchtime for oat cakes to reduce post-lunch tiredness. Instead of reaching for that glass of wine in the evening, drink pure pomegranate juice to keep you hydrated. This will also support your cardiovascular health. 
  4. What to have for dinner... consume a complex carbohydrate at your evening meal such as quinoa, millet, sweet potato or wholegrain rice. These foods are converted to glycogen which fuels the muscles for a more productive training session the following day, if you're working out. Add a great source of protein to your dinner with foods such as salmon and chicken to enhance muscle repair and fatigue. 
  5. What to eat when you work out... consume a banana before exercising to increase your training capacity. The starch in the banana releases cortisol which will enhance your training levels. After your workout, take in a protein source such as a handful of nuts.

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