This genius new tool lets you check if it will rain on your wedding day

Why has this never been invented before?

Alice Howarth

When it comes to planning a wedding there are no end of things you can do. You can find the perfect fairytale castle complete with the Beauty and The Beast staircase. You can search for the perfect dress until you find it and then have it fitted three times before you walk down the aisle. You can go on multiple food tasting trips with your significant other to decide which specific canapes you will have, followed by the main, desert and all-important wedding cake but the one thing you cannot plan for? The dreaded weather.

Lady Melissa Percy and Thomas Van Straubenzee leave St Michael's Church after their wedding

Being in the UK, no matter if you have your ceremony in April, May, June, July, August or September there is simply no guarantee of sunshine. In fact, ask most brides what they were doing in the run-up to their big day and you'll get no end of "I was frantically checking all weather apps so I could figure out what I'd do about my hair and dress if it was pouring". Hideously stressful, right?

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The good news is Monsoon, the shop credited for making tasteful and affordable wedding-appropriate dresses and bridesmaid dresses for years, has come up with a genius invention that might once and for all end this universal strife… the aptly named Rain Calculator.

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Working much like it sounds, you simply input your potential wedding date and the location the ceremony is taking place and it will calculate how likely it is to be raining based on previous years.

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Now, of course the results are never going to be 100 percent accurate (sadly, weather never is!) but it will give you an idea of a timeframe that is better than others for your big day. One thing to remember: if it does chuck it down on your celebration day, don't let it spoil it - photos are always much better with a moodier sky.

Where there's a cloud and all that. Give it a whirl on the Monsoon website

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