'Narnia' cast and guests lead stars looking ice cool in the snow

Plunging temperatures don't mean the style stakes have to slip too.

That was the message sent out by the glamourous cast and guests at the premiere of the new Narnia film on Tuesday night.

The snow was falling heavily as the likes of Georgie Henley (pictured below with Ben Barnes) and Anna Popplewell arrived. But the girls, who play sisters Lucy and Susan Pevensie, didn't shy away from showing off their red carpet gowns.

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Twenty-one-year-old Anna looked gorgeous in a black sating strapless number by Lee Klabin. Meanwhile Georgie, 15, was equally pretty in a fawn-coloured lace gown.

They were joined by blonde actress Laura Brent – who portrays Lilliandil – elegant in a cornflower blue dress with lace upper section.

The cast girls were given a run for their money by X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson (above right), looking warm and stylish in a baby blue vintage-style coat.

And another shining example was the Queen, who wore a long charcoal wrap over her embellished royal blue dress.

Even Boris Becker pulled of the ice cool look – though he was undeniably helped by having his glam wife Lilly on his arm.