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All-star Scots gatecrash Andy Murray press conference

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Andy Murray was given an all-star Scottish suprise on Sunday at the US Open.Thrilled after making it through to the final of the tournament, Andy was met with a comment from a presumed member of the press.

Apologising for interrupting, James Bond star Sean Connery rose to congratulate the tennis player on making it through to the final.


But the shock wasn't yet over for the tennis player, as Sean then introduced him to Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson.

The camaraderie between the group as they joked about their Scottish roots delighted press and fans alike.

Sir Alex, who has managed Manchester United since 1986, said: "Today we invented the wind.", referring to the blustery conditions.

Sean chipped in: "...and today we invented the world."

Andy's mother Judy also joined in, and blamed the football manager making her drink after her son complained she smelled of wine..

Sir Alex responded: "Hands up, I did."

After posing for photographs, Sir Alex quipped: "Continue your interview. You know I don't talk to journalists."

The superstar trio had never previously met, but Andy seemed to be more than happy to be in their company.


He said: "I'm a huge James Bond fan and I love football as well.

"Sir Alex is one of the most successful managers of all time and both of them are from Scotland, so to have them both here was very nice.

"They are going to be here for the final as well so I hope I can do it for them both."

The player, who also won the gold medal at this year's olympics, will play former Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic.

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