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Exclusive interview: Millie Mackintosh chats to HELLO! Online

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As Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh geared up for London Fashion Week, the model and professional make-up artist revealed the extent she is going to make herself feel ultra chic and healthy for the whirl of parties and catwalk shows. But her choice of detox diet is not one that would be recommended for all. Here, 23-year-old Millie, who is modelling the new Vodafone Red nail polish to coincide with the launch of London Fashion Week, tells HELLO! Online that she is on a 12-day cleanse and three-day juice programme, admitting, "I can't exercise right now because I’m not eating enough to be doing cardio workouts. "It gets difficult in the evening, but in general I'm feeling really good and people are saying how well I look," she claimed, of the extreme regime.


The reality TV star, who dates rapper Professor Green, has also been busy filming the fifth series of the BAFTA-nominated Made In Chelsea. The fourth series came to a dramatic end as Millie slapped Spencer Matthews after finding out that he had cheated on her friend Louise Thompson. Here, Millie tells HELLO! Online why the new series of Made in Chelsea will be the best one yet. She also shares her fashion and beauty secrets. What’s in store for the fifth series of Made in Chelsea? "I think it's going to be the best season yet. "Filming has been going on for a couple of weeks and it’s going really well. Unsurprisingly already a fair amount of drama has happened. I’ve had a bit of a showdown with Spencer, he’s feeling a bit miffed about the slap but it was obviously completely justified. "It's been really fun so far because we were apart over the Christmas break, everyone fled to different countries, and now we're all back. I think everyone having a break and some time away before we started filming again has been good but there are definitely some ongoing repercussions. "There are some new cast members as well who are really great. Although I haven't been at the heart of it, I do know that there has been a girl fight already." You’ve been on a health kick. How is it going? "I can't exercise right now because I’m not eating enough to be doing cardio workouts. I'm on a 12-day-cleanse and at the moment I'm on the second day of a three-day juice programme. "I definitely feel like I’ve lost my Christmas weight now, I had a little band around my stomach. It gets difficult in the evening but in general I'm feeling really good, my skin feels good and people are saying how well I look. "I want to keep this going after the cleanse. I'm all about continuing the healthiness so that it’s not just a January thing, I want to feel good for the summer too." What’s your beauty secret? "I'm really into body brushing. I think everyone should invest in a body brush as it's a really good way to eliminating toxins and firming up. It has really made a difference to my legs. I just do it for a few minutes every morning and it really wakes you up. It's really invigorating."

What’s your favourite workout? "I've just started doing 'real rider' classes which are like a spinning class but the bike moves to either side. It's really fun and it works your core too, you can burn 900 calories in a session. You come out drenched in sweat. They're quite hardcore so I can probably only manage about one a week. I also do circuit training with a trainer. "I do think the best way to train is to make sure you keep changing what you're doing otherwise you might not really see changes. Do some boxing, Pilates, power plates, running. But the most important thing is to remember to keep having fun." Who are your beauty and fashion icons? "My beauty icon is Olivia Palermo because she is always so immaculate. Her hair and make-up is stunning. Everyone probably says this but Miranda Kerr is my dream in terms of nailing outfits. She does the red carpet amazingly, she does day time perfectly and she always looks good on the school run." What are you top treatments? "I’m really into Moroccan oil hair masks. The central heating and the cold kill my hair so I do a moisture mask every week. I’m also really into using a hydrating mask on my skin overnight to let it recover from this horrible weather." How would you describe your style? "It's a bit of a mix. One day can be completely different to the next. I dress according to how I feel. I think in the last year it's got a little harder rather than really girly. It's probably a bit grungier because I've been hanging out at festivals and stuff. I always like to have a slight boho feel as well, lots of floppy hats and gilets and tassels. I love tassels." What are your plans for London Fashion Week? "I'm going to a couple of shows on Friday but I'm actually moving house so my Fashion Week weekend is kind of torn between shows and having to pack up boxes. I'm going to the Sass and Bide one on Friday night which will be really fun. I love Aussie style and fashion." What’s life like in front of the cameras? "I'm used to it now. At the beginning of Made in Chelsea, everything I did was for the cameras. I had a relationship and it was filmed but now I definitely draw the line and have my private life. But I'm still myself in the shows. "I don't go filming and think "I'm putting on a mask and going to work, I'm going to be a different person." I'm still me but when I finish filming there's another part of my life that's not on camera. I work around it. I'm not filming as much as I was but it's still working, I'm still enjoying it and it's still fun." To celebrate Vodafone's sponsorship of London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend, Millie Mackintosh samples the new Vodafone Red nail polish. To pick up a free bottle visit a London Nails inc. store where Vodafone VIP customers can also get a discounted manicure between February 21-28.

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