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Nell McAndrew introduces her new baby daughter Anya

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Nell McAndrew has introduced her new baby daughter Anya in an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! Magazine. The former model and exercise guru and husband Paul Hardcastle welcomed Anya – a sister to their six-year-old son Devon – two months ago.And Nell says the new addition has been welcomed by the whole family.

Nell McAndrew baby


"The day after she was born I took her to show and tell at Devon's school," she said. "While I was there he rested his arm on my shoulder and I could tell he was really proud. He's been so good and really patient with me because I can't do things so quickly with him if Anya needs me. I know he'll be very protective of her. He's been much better than we thought. "And Nell says that she doesn't even mind experiencing sleepless nights again. "Anya wakes around every two hours, so I'm getting little chunks of sleep," she said. "But when she's up at night and the house is quiet and still, it's nice to have time together just so I can look at her. "The last six weeks have already flown by and I don't want to miss a thing. Anya is smiling now, it is so lovely. Every day she changes. "Famous for her enviably-toned body, Nell admits she has nearly got her pre-pregnacy body back. "I am pretty much back in shape, but still have a roundness to my tummy and more thread veins," she says.

HELLO! Magazine

"[But] as much as I love running and exercise, I'm in no rush to cram an intense exercise programme into my days. My children are my priority and I'll fit in exercise as and when I can. "To read more of the interview with Nell, including all the details of the birth, why she and her husband chose the name Anya and how she plans to do things differently second time around, pick up the latest issue of HELLO!, 1278.

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