Sandra Bullock on working with 'sexy' George Clooney and her fear of flying

Sandra Bullock has spoken about her love for her Gravity co-star, and great friend, George Clooney.

Speaking to Daybreak's Aled Jones about teaming up with the Hollywood heartthrob, Sandra said she wished they could have had more time working together.



"It was too short," she said. "Not because he's, you know, sexy time George… We've known each other for so long, sexy is gone.

"Not that he is not sexy, because he is very,very handsome. If you like that kind of dashing, charming, smart, talented, successful kind of thing. It's not everyone's cup of tea," she joked.

Sandra went on to say how much she enjoyed working with George in the space drama. "We've known each other so long," she said. "Just his joy for life and who he is in the workplace is so infectious, and he loves what he does so much."


Perhaps surprisingly given her jet set lifestyle and her recent astronaut role in Gravity, Sandra also revealed she has a fear of flying.

"Not for a second (would I go up in Space)," she admitted. "I'm so happy with here that a plane flight is enough for me…

"When there's turbulence, something happens to my body and my face that is both loud and embarrassing to those around me… I wish there was a drug that I could just take where I didn't care, still very much in control but just didn't care!"