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Benedict Cumberbatch reads James Corden a 'scary' bedtime story about presidential election

Gemma Strong
Online Digital News Director
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Benedict Cumberbatch put a unique spin on the 2016 Presidential Election during an appearance on The Late Late Show on Monday night. The British star took part in a short sketch with host James Corden, in which he read out a bedtime story based on the ongoing race to the White House between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The segment sees Benedict as James' father, settling his son down for the night with a fairytale. He tells the story of a women dressed in "a jacket of beige, trousers of beige and shoes of beige", who wants to rule the kingdom "very, very much".

Benedict Cumberbatch tells James Corden a 'bedtime story' about 2016 US presidential election

Benedict Cumberbatch took part in a funny sketch based on the 2016 presidential election with James Corden 

But on her way to the "beautiful white house", she has to walk through a dangerous forest, where she must fend off computers, emails, trolls and the "news fox", before coming face-to-face with the "big orange monster".  

Benedict reveals that the monster has already swallowed 16 other monsters in the forest, including a prince named Jeb and a Texas senator named Ted. He describes the monster as having a big head but tiny wisdom, and reveals that he wants to build a giant wall to keep out anyone who isn’t like him.

The Tale of Election 2016 w/ Benedict Cumberbatch

At the end of the story, Benedict tells his 'son' that he can't say whether the lady makes it to the white house, before turning directly to camera and urging the American people to vote, "no matter what your political affiliations are".

"And as long as you do, no one can tell you that this election is rigged," he concludes.

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