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Louis Theroux reveals he is making a documentary about Donald Trump

donald tump
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Louis Theroux, the award-winning documentary filmmaker, has revealed that he is planning a documentary about US President Donald Trump.The 46-year-old - whose documentary topics in the past have included alcoholism, Scientology and Jimmy Saville - said he thinks his upcoming project will be an "amazing challenge".

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Chatting to the Mirror, Louis said: "It feels like a whole cultural, almost sea change in how the world is part of the post-Brexit wave of populism. The story seems to change every day with Trump. There's something new bubbling under. It's hard to get your head around such a big subject. The challenge with Trump would be... something so abhorrent that walks on two legs and is a human being, you have to explore where his foibles come from." 

louis theroux
Louis spoke about making a documentary about the President

The star also revealed he had an upcoming three-part series which was due to air on BBC2, saying: "Hopefully people will like it. It's good." 

Fans were quick to discuss his exciting plans, with one writing: "So David Attenborough is making a Blue Planet 2 and Louis Theroux's next documentary will be him taking on Donald Trump. I can't handle it." Another added: "NOT EVEN REMOTELY READY FOR A LOUIS THEROUX DOCUMENTARY ABOUT DONALD TRUMP, I didn't realise how much I needed this in my life." 

The filmmaker previously told ITV News: ""I think post-Brexit I was less complacent about the idea of a Hillary Clinton victory… As far as the whole Donald trump phenomenon, it's such a vast subject I don't really know how to broach it. I don't think you can say anything that confidently at this point about where he's headed, whether he'll be impeached, whether he'll be re-elected, whether he'll be a one-term president."

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