Who is Noel Fielding? Everything you need to know about the Great British Bake Off presenter

Here's everything you need to know about The Mighty Boosh star

Noel Fielding is being watched by around six million people on the Great British Bake Off, but just how much do you know about the baking show's new presenter, aside from his eccentric taste in style? If, like Mary Berry, you had no idea who Noel was before he appeared on GBBO, here's everything you need to know about the star…

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Noel is best known for his surreal brand of comedy, which is portrayed in the hit cult show, The Mighty Boosh, which aired from 2003 to 2007. The 43-year-old starred in the show with his co-writer, Julian Barratt and younger brother, Michael Fielding. The show followed two failing musicians on their adventures through different universes and is known for its eclectic collection of short songs through the three series. For example, we're hoping Noel sings this at some point of this series' Bake Off:

After filling in for Bill Bailey as a guest team caption of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Noel took over the role for good in 2009 before the show finished in 2014. Speaking about it to British Comedy Guide back in 2015. He said: "I'm sad because it's autumn now and it was always autumn when we did the Buzzcocks and I miss Phill [Jupitus] a lot. I love Phill… I love that it was different every week… You never knew what it was going to be. It was a crazy tea party where you were always sat with a different guest… It's the only job I've ever had for a long period of time. I got picked up, I got fed, I got paid, it was like a proper job!" Noel has also appeared on Channel 4 for memorable appearances on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year series, where he was put on teams with stars including Russell Brand and Richard Ayoade. He also appeared in the IT Crowd as the office goth, Richmond.

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Although Noel's involvement in Bake Off divided viewers, the comedian's first job was actually in a cake shop aged 14, where he was swiftly fired on his first day for being found lying on the floor eating the products! After saying he didn't eat cake in an interview with the Sunday Times, he tweeted: "What I actually said (as a joke) in the Sunday Times was 'nobody likes a tubby Goth' I was taking the [mick] out of myself. I love cake."