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Beverley Knight looking forward to Christmas following health scare

The Leading Ladies star in our celebrity advent calendar

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Beverley Knight was on top form as she filmed our celebrity advent calendar with her fellow band members, Amber Riley and Cassidy Janson. The Leading Ladies took it in turns to share their favourite Christmas memory, with Beverley – now fully recovered from her operation and looking sensational – revealing that she loves a white Christmas. "My favourite Christmas memory is way back in the day," said the West End star.

"It was Christmas morning and we opened the front door, we opened the porch door, and all the snow fell into the house, because it was those days when it actually did snow. So Dad, and me and my sister – my brother wasn't even born yet – had to get shovels and literally dig us out of the house. But I thought it was the best thing ever. And then I made snowmen and all things like that. It was dead nice! When it snows, it's brilliant."

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The Leading Ladies reveal their favourite Christmas memory

Amber, of Glee fame, revealed her most memorable year was her niece's first Christmas. "Just seeing her, this brand new life, bundle of joy, and everyone spoiling her and she couldn't really understand what was going on because she wasn't even one yet," said the actress. "That was probably my favourite Christmas."

Singer Cassidy, who has played the title role in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, admitted her favourite Christmas was a long time ago, when she was still at dance college. She and her fellow students were visiting disabled children and travelling with them on a plane. "We had all these cute kids on the plane that needed help. We sang Christmas carols to them – it was such a super day. We sang Christmas carols at Heathrow airport for everyone. It was so cute," she said. "That was probably my favourite Christmas."

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