Nicky Hilton on summer plans, traveling with two kids and what she thought of the royal wedding


Summer is just around the corner and for Nicky Hilton that means leaving the concrete jungle for the beach. “We will be out in Southampton this summer,” she told HELLO! at the Baby Born Look I can Swim Doll launch in L.A. We’ll probably take a trip to England as well to visit my in-laws.” One thing is for certain, the 34-year-old beauty can’t wait to get outside with her adorable girls Lily-Grace, almost two, and Teddy, five months. “Both my girls love the water,” she added. “Bath time is their favorite time of day.”

The California native teamed up with Baby Born to launch their new doll Photo: Michael Williams / Michael Simon Photography

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As a mom of two, Nicky jokes that it is “Double the fun but double the exhaustion.” With that, she knows the importance of giving each of her daughters’ equal attention. “They need individual one-on-one time,” she shared. Recently, her husband James Rotschild was able to also spend quality time with his oldest daughter, who Nicky says is James’ mini-me. “My husband took my daughter to see Peppa Pig Live!,” she explained. “The fact that she sat through an entire play is mind-blowing. Major milestone!”

Nicky says of Lily-Grace: "She has my silly sense of humor — she's very funny" Photo: Instagram/@nickyhilton

Paris’ younger sister has it down though for when the attention span is at an all-time low, especially when traveling. “Lots of snacks, books and a fully charged iPad,” she reveals of her must-have items. “Usually I’m pretty strict with screen time, but it is so helpful on an airplane.”


Nicky can't wait to spend her summer in Southampton with her daughters Photo: Instagram/@nickyhilton

Tricks perfect for that long flight across the pond. Nicky and James will also be celebrating their third wedding anniversary in July, and who can forget their own fairy tale wedding at Kensington Palace’s Orangery. As for if she tuned in to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s special day, Nicky, who wore Valentino to her nuptials, remarked, “My favorite part was when Harry mouthed, ‘You look amazing. I’m so lucky.’ So sweet!”