Eamonn Holmes asks his fans for medical advice on Instagram

The This Morning presenter normally enjoys good health

Diane Shipley

Eamonn Holmes revealed he was experiencing a new health issue on Sunday. Taking to Instagram, the presenter shared a close-up photograph of one of his eyes, which looked very red and sore in the inside corner. He captioned the unusual selfie: "This appeared today..... should I be worried?" His fans were divided on how seriously he should take the 'unsightly' symptom. One commented: "No, just blood vessel that burst you will be fine," and another agreed, writing: "My husband had the same. Just have to wait till it goes..."

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Others suggested it could be a sign of something more serious, commenting: "Sometimes can be a sign of high blood pressure so worth getting it checked," and: "You need to get your blood pressure checked Eamonn." Another fan, meanwhile, was more concerned about the missed opportunity for wordplay, teasing the This Morning host: "Should [have] made it a pun... ‘should eye be worried?’" No doubt the 60-year-old will see his doctor if he has any concerns, as he has spoken out in the past about fearing that he would suffer the same fate as his dad Leonard, who died of a heart attack aged 64.


This appeared today ..... should I be worried ?

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Eamonn's ailment divided fans on Instagram 

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Speaking on This Morning back in 2018, Eamonn confessed that he had experienced panic attacks as a result of this anxiety. The star said: "I've had a number of panic attacks; thank goodness it was 27 years or so ago. It happened to me once on-air presenting BBC television. It doesn't get much worse than that and having to cover that up, both times I was hospitalised with it."

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In a heartfelt post on Twitter on Wednesday, Eamonn shared a sweet image of his dad as he posed a question to his fans about whether they would ever use virtual reality to bring a deceased loved one back to life. The star wrote: "This is my Dad who died suddenly 29 years ago. I never got to say goodbye. New technology means we can bring someone who has passed away back into our lives via Virtual Reality. If you put on VR Goggles, who would you want to see, to touch, to hear again if you could, and why?"

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