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Katy Perry reveals grandmother has passed away aged 99

The California Girls singer said goodbye to her late grandmother in a touching Instagram tribute

Emily Stedman

Pop star Katy Perry has revealed that her grandmother, Ann Pearl Hudson, has passed away at the age of 99. The Firework singer made the announcement on Instagram, paying tribute to her late relative who she had a close bond with.

In a lengthy post, Katy described Ann as a "fighter", stating that she survived the Great Depression while also working as a seamstress and raising three children. "She was always authentically herself, funny and full of all the sweet cozy things you think of when you think of grandmas," wrote Katy.

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Sharing a series of snaps of her with her grandmother, Katy reflected on some childhood memories with Ann: "She gave me crisp dollar bills in hallmark cards, she let us eat her favourite almond cookies from the 99 cent store while we asked questions about the different fans she had on display on her walls. She was a wonderful grandma and I will forever carry some of her in me."

The singer's grandmother was well-known to her fans, regularly appearing with Katy as her plus-one at high-profile events. In one photo shared in her tribute, Ann is seen posing with former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Katy's grandmother also made an appearance in her 3D concert film Part Of Me, where her stories of Katy growing up and sarcastic sense of humour made her a fan favourite.


Katy Perry poses with her late grandmother Ann and former US President Barack Obama

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News of her passing follows the announcement that Katy is expecting her first child with actor fiancée Orlando Bloom. The US singer revealed her pregnancy in her new music video for single Never Worn White, where she is seen cradling her burgeoning baby bump. Confirming her pregnancy via Instagram Live later that day, Katy said: "I am excited. We're excited and happy and it's probably the longest secret I've ever had to keep."

Performing a girl-power themed gig on International Women’s Day in Australia on Sunday, Katy announced to fans that she would like a daughter. "I hope it’s a girl," said Katy to the crowd, who erupted into a round of applause at the surprise admission.


Katy Perry said she would like a girl at a gig in Melbourne, Australia

Katy has been very open about her pregnancy since the news was unveiled, detailing how becoming a future parent has helped her to address past addictions. "When you stop drinking and smoking and start creating a baby your body is like ʹwell thanks for treating me nice for one day,ʹ" said Katy.

She added: "Yes I have had my trials and tribulations. I'm grateful I'm not a drug addict or addicted to much. I've been addicted in the past. But I am grateful I'm alive and on the light side." The artist also revealed her pregnancy cravings, stating that she has "literally never cared for spice and now I have to carry Tabasco sauce in my purse". Katy is due to give birth to the child this summer.

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