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Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard says Kate Garraway has been able to speak to husband Derek Draper whilst in coma

Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper is critically ill

kate garraway ben and charlotte

Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins have reacted to Kate Garraway's latest update on her critically ill husband Derek Draper. Talking on Good Morning Britain, the presenters read out the Instagram post that the mother-of-two published after clapping for carers on Thursday night, and later told their viewers that the 52-year-old presenter has been able to speak to her husband every evening.

Close friend Ben said: "She also wanted to share the fact that she's been able to speak to Derek in the evenings in a coma. A lot of hospitals are doing this, offering the families a chance to speak to their loved ones.

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"He can't respond but she's been able to share music with him, talk to him, just to support him," he added. "She's been able to pass on those messages that you've passed on to her to Derek as well, so he is getting a sense of all the support and positivity that's coming from you. As Kate said last week, she can't respond to everybody, as much as she wishes she could, but in quieter moments, when she does get ten minutes, she scrolls through them and the emotions and support she is getting from everybody has been really helping. It's really tough, really, really tough, he is still very, very critically ill," said Ben.

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Co-presenter Charlotte added: "This is so important because normally you would be able to be there, by your loved one. So hard to families, not being able to be there."

Dr Hilary later talked about the importance of talking to a patient in an induced coma, revealing that recovered patients have confirmed it helped them.

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"Yes, I think when someone is in an induced coma, they are in a sort of twilight zone of semi consciousness and I think for a loved one to be able to speak to them…we don't know how much of that voice gets through and registers but it helps the relative, and helps the patient. To what extent we can't be sure but a lot of recovered patients have said it made a world of difference. I think that sort of connection is important," he commented.

Later adding: "Kate has been incredibly strong, she is very conscious of the fact that she is not the only one in this situation and she's sent her love and support to everybody else who's loved ones are critically ill as well. She's been very pragmatic, very strong at a very difficult time. We're keeping our fingers crossed for her."

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