This Morning's Eamonn Holmes jokes that he dreams of Holly Willoughby

The presenter couldn't help but laugh as a fan asked him how it felt to know Holly

Andrea Caamano

Eamonn Holmes was talking to fans via an Instagram Live over the weekend when he made the hilarious revelation that he dreams of Holly Willoughby. The This Morning star was answering fans' questions when one wrote: "Eamonn if you see this!! How does it feel to know Holly Willoughby? She's my idol and I dream of meeting her."

Ruth's husband was quick to reply, saying: "I dream of her as well," as he laughed out loud.


The 60-year-old presenter revealed he knows Holly's family quite well

He added: "Yeah, funny. Holly's sister used to be my PA so I know the family quite well. So yeah, Holly's got star quality. You know, when you are in her presence she is something rather special."

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Indeed, Eamonn and Holly's older sister Kelly worked together for years and back in 2018 Kelly gave her old boss a piece of her mind when the presenter took part in Michael McIntyre's Big Show.


Holly and Kelly Willoughby are incredibly close

Eamonn and his wife Ruth Langsford were told to send texts to random numbers on their phones, which read: "What do you think annoying about me?" Kelly cheekily replied to Eamonn, saying: "Hi boss. Oh how I've waited for this moment. Number one, when you text me and ask annoying questions. Number two, you never paid me enough, and lastly, your voice is a little bit annoying." Kelly signed the message writing: "The best PA you've ever had."

Kelly's two years older than Holly, and the pair are incredibly close. Kelly rarely gives interviews, but she previously opened up about her relationship with her famous sister to Celebsnow. She said: "Holly and I are like chalk and cheese – even down to our hair colour. Despite this, we’re still incredibly close. She was a quiet child at school, but I remember watching her suddenly find herself once she’d done bits of modelling and started college. She just became stronger, confident. It was amazing to watch."