Dawn French leaves fans delighted with shirtless picture of 'boyfriend' Idris Elba

The actress joked as she wished the actor a happy birthday

Andrea Caamano

Dawn French delighted fans on Sunday as she wished her "serious/going steady" boyfriend Idris Elba a happy birthday.

Sharing a picture of the actor shirtless on a motorbike, she wrote alongside it: "So he said, 'I'll just bring your scooter in darling' & I said 'But you've forgotten your shirt!', & he said 'Who cares it's all for you babe'.... & then I snapped this… Happy Birthday to my serious/going steady boyfriend @idriselba."

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Fans were delighted with one writing: "Omg...I LOVE him....my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said him, gift wrapped. She bought me a life size cut out."

Another one joked: "Daaaaaaaamn girl. What a way to heat up my timeline at this hour. Also, thank you. Such a beautiful image to see just before I go to sleep!"

A third remarked: "Just woke up and this gorgeous smiling man has certainly started my day off nicely. Thank you Dawn for sharing your (fantasy) boyfriend, and happy birthday to Idris x."

Despite Dawn's hilarious tweet, the actress has been happily married to Mark Bignell since 2013. However, earlier this year the 62-year-old shared a cute selfie of her "true love", her Jack Russell Terrier.


Dawn French often shares pictures of her adorable dog

"True love #goodie," she simply captioned the picture, which showed her cuddled up to her pet pooch.

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Fans rushed to heap praise on the post, with one writing: "Ah that's a lovely picture to start off the morning." Another gushed: "So beautiful, unconditional love always, no judging you. You look so cute together.

Love my dog to bits and love his cuddles. xxx." A third post read: "Beautiful photo there's nothing like a dog's love, one of ours comes to lay with us every morning for a while it's the best feeling x."

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