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Fay Ripley's delicious lactose-free breakfasts

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To inspire us with breakfast  – the first and most important meal of the day – Lactofree have teamed up with Fay Ripley, who most of us know for her role as the long-suffering wife of character John Gifford in the popular ITV series Cold Feet.Along with her on-screen career, the much-loved actress has also turned her talents to cooking, penning two cookbooks, Fay's Family Food and more recently What's For Dinner?. 

fay ripley breakfast

Fay's wake up raspberry slushy

The London-born domestic goddess, known for her flair for everyday cooking for all the family, was recently diagnosed with an intolerance to lactose and has joined forces with Lactofree for its 'Say Yes To Breakfast' campaign.Although we're told that it's the most important meal of the day, more than half of us admit to regularly skipping breakfast, new research reveals.Many of us just don't have the time, others put the cause down to a lack of inspiration and a third of those questioned said they simply can't stomach breakfast so early in the morning, saying that they are watching their dairy intake.

Fay's chive pancakes with smoked salmon

If you avoid dairy because it leaves you feeling bloated or uncomfortable, you're not alone. "You could be", says nutritionist Lucy Jones and dietitian for Channel 4's The Food Hospital, "one of the 15% of the country who are lactose intolerant. "But, she explains, you can still enjoy delicious breakfast favourites, and "enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of dairy, without lactose." 


Fay Ripley's cheesy wild mushrooms on toast

Lucy Jones' top tips for a healthy breakfast:1. "Aim for variety. Aim to have seven different breakfasts each week using oats, seeded breads, cereals, eggs, yoghurts, cream cheese, homemade milk smoothies, nuts, seeds and even oily fish with lots of interesting fruits.2. Make sure your breakfast is balanced. If you are having toast, make it wholegrain or seeded, top it with a protein source like cream cheese or an egg and have a fruit juice and skinny latte on the side.3. Don't write it off. A yogurt, a piece of fruit and some breakfast biscuits still make for a balanced breakfast and can be eaten on the run.


Fay Ripley's creamy raspberry bircher muesli

4. Don't avoid dairy. It's a fantastic source of high quality protein, calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. This means that, as well as being great for bones, dairy helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure and weight.5. Aim for high fibre. Fibre helps to keep you fuller for longer, stabilises blood glucose levels and is beneficial for bowel health. Swap to wholegrain or seeded bread rather than white, have oats or wholegrain cereals with milk or yogurt."