Where to do your own I'm a Celebrity Bushtucker trial

Take your own I'm a Celebrity inspired bushtucker trial

Suzanne Baum

Last night viewers of I'm A Celebrity dined out on watching contestants Rebekah Vardy and Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo indulge in the shows dreaded eating trial. Gagging as they ate their way through cockroaches, spiders and even a pig's anus, it was a sight for sore eyes (never mind mouths). So if you have been left wondering where to bite the bug we have our own suggestions for you.

Fancy a love bug salad or a marinated kangaroo skewer? Then book yourself a table at The Archipelago where you’ll find a lot of edible creepy crawlies on the menu. This central London restaurant in the heart of Fitzrovia invites you on a sensory journey where you can feast on locusts and crickets.

love bug salad-archipelago

The love bug salad at The Archipelago

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If you got a taste for watching the contestants slurp their way to victory last night then don’t get ants in your pints waiting for a drink at the Nightjar bar – be sure to order one in advance! This Shoreditch-based bar offers a rather (un)tasty selection of cocktails including the Inca that includes a mixture of tequila, chilli wine and wait for it….buffalo worms.

An insect restaurant in Pembrokeshire may best be avoided on a first date but then again it could make a good talking point if you are struggling to form a conversation (and eat!). The Grub Kitchen prides itself on serving up traditionally popular and well-loved dishes which incorporate edible insects in the ingredients. Like the sound of the Bug Wellington? Sounds tasty until you read the list of ingredients that include butternut squash wrapped in cricket crepes!


Rebekah Vardy and Georgia Toffolo took part in the Bushtucker Trial on Wednesday

For those of you intrigued by the idea of eating insects but want to do it in the comfort of your own home, there are of course plenty of online bugs! Take a look at Gryllo, a company that believes insects can play an important role in the way we eat – now and in the future. They offer a range of cricket protein products based around cricket flour such as lemon and cashew cricket balls.

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Finally, for the less brave amongst us this will certainly get your creative juices flowing. A DIY pizza making kit where you get to make some pizzas featuring creepy crawlies as toppings! (Those sweet-shaped snakes are simply delicious!)