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Gary Barlow reveals the one thing he misses while on tour

The Take That singer has been missing some of his home comforts

Chloe Best

As much as Gary Barlow has been enjoying travelling around the UK on his solo tour, he has admitted he has been missing some home comforts. The Take That singer revealed that there's "nothing like your own bed and your own kitchen" in an Instagram post on Thursday, as he revealed some of his go-to cookbooks for home cooking.

Sharing a photo of his impressive cookbook collection, Gary told fans: "I do love a cook book. Touring life is great but there's nothing like your own bed and your own kitchen." Among his collection were Jamie Oliver's 5 Ingredients book, Feasts by Sabrina Ghayour and Lidgate's The Meat Cookbook.


Gary Barlow revealed his favourite cookbooks

Gary also had the two cookbooks released by the Hemsley sisters, along with Jasmine Hemsley's solo release, East by West. The singer is friends with the health-conscious siblings, and previously teamed up with them to create recipe videos as part of his online "Barlows Bootcamp" in the lead-up to his tour.

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The 47-year-old is a big advocate of healthy eating and exercise, and was recently branded as "inspirational" as he opened up about his weight struggles and shared a throwback photo of himself at a heavier weight which he said keeps him "on the straight and narrow" when it comes to his lifestyle habits.


The 47-year-old has been on a health kick since the New Year

"These pictures keep me on the straight and narrow. I remember those times and how I felt - awful - I will never allow myself to feel like that again. I’m in control #bb," he wrote. The former X Factor judge previously opened up about his weight gain to Radio Times, admitting that it was "a form of depression."

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"You know what, it wasn’t about food," he told the publication. "Well, it was about food obviously, because I was shoving it in my mouth, but it was more about a reaction to who I’d been. I'd decided, 'OK, nobody wants me but I don’t want to do it anyway, and to make sure I don’t do it again, this is how I’m going to look.'" Gary added: "I realised afterwards it was a form of depression. I’d always played music since I was ten and then I’d gone through this rollercoaster ride of fame and I just couldn’t believe that it was all over and I was only 24."

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