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Gary Barlow branded 'inspirational' after posting throwback weight transformation photo

The Take That singer has been open about his struggles with his weight in the past

Gary Barlow inspired fans with a motivational post on his Instagram account on Sunday, after sharing a throwback photo of himself at a heavier weight. The singer – who has openly spoken out about his struggles with food following the break-up of Take That – said that the photo helped him "keep on the straight and narrow" when it came to his lifestyle habits, which caused him to feel "awful" as a result. "These pictures keep me on the straight and narrow. I remember those times and how I felt - awful - I will never allow myself to feel like that again. I’m in control #bb," he said. The singer's fans flocked to the comments section to praise him for his honesty, with one saying: " are a true inspiration @officialgarybarlow," while another said: "Still gorgeous inside and out." A third reached out to the singer, adding: "I wish I had your strength and power Gary. I am stuck in a rutt."

gary barlow weight loss

Gary Barlow said this photo helped keep him on track of his weight

The former X Factor judge previously opened up about his weight gain to Radio Times, admitting that it was "a form of depression." “You know what, it wasn’t about food," he told the publication. "Well, it was about food obviously, because I was shoving it in my mouth, but it was more about a reaction to who I’d been. I’d decided, 'OK, nobody wants me but I don’t want to do it anyway, and to make sure I don’t do it again, this is how I’m going to look.'" Gary added: "I realised afterwards it was a form of depression. I’d always played music since I was ten and then I’d gone through this rollercoaster ride of fame and I just couldn’t believe that it was all over and I was only 24."

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Gary Barlow Shona Vertue yoga

The Take That singer has been on a health kick since the beginning of the year

Gary has been encouraging his fans to join his health kick, and has been sharing motivational posts since the beginning of the year. The star launched his virtual 'Barlow Bootcamp' in January, and has been sharing healthy recipes and his "game-changer" workout – yoga - across social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Gary recently shared a video of himself with his personal trainer Shona Vertue following a morning practice routine, saying: "Can't tell you how much yoga helps me on a daily basis."

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