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Nadia Sawalha 'furious' with husband Mark after he mocks her morning ritual

The Loose Women star starts her day with a special tea

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Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha shared a sneak peek at her latest YouTube video on her Instagram Stories, in which she told her husband Mark Adderley off for mocking her morning ritual. In the latest episode of 'The Sawalha-Adderleys - Family, Food, Films & Fun' - which was named 'Nadia FURIOUS with Mark' - the TV presenter walked her fans through the first drink she makes herself every morning. 

mark nadia tea

Nadia revealed her anti-inflammatory tea recipe in the video

"I've just made Nadia a cup of tea, and as you know that's an assault course of potential disaster. I've done the mint with green tea," Mark said, moving the non-sweetened tea into his wife's favourite 'self-love' mug. Nadia then added several more ingredients, including grated turmeric to reduce inflammation, followed by ginger and cinnamon. "This is a really important thing for me...It sets me off on a day of being a bit nicer to myself," she explained, before Mark interjected, "So is having a mug of tea like [expletive bleeped out]?" A red-faced Nadia was quick to show her outrage at the comment, shouting, "Mark! Don't, I mean it," as she swatted the camera away. She later shared the clip on Instagram with the caption: "What do you think he said? Swipe up to see if he gets into trouble!" Spoiler alert: he does!

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Mark also left listeners in hysterics when he described the taste of herbal tea. He said, "There's a lack of a grounding, substantial backflow to it. It starts and never delivers. It teases the tongue in - the tongue sort of reaches towards its opportunity of taste and then it just flattens out with a dribbly, drabbly, hot watery taste." It's clear from the video that Nadia disagrees!

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Food and drink seem to be a controversial subject in their household, as Nadia also recently revealed she sparked a family row during her decadent afternoon tea. Her daughter Kiki-Bee treated her to delicious scones in the garden earlier in the month, but Nadia revealed her "perfect afternoon of glorious food" resulted in a "row" - the age-old debate about whether the cream or jam comes first. The mother-of-two proudly showed off her fluffy scone featuring jam on the bottom, but perhaps her two daughters Maddy, 17, and Kiki-Bee, 12, would prepare the sweet treat the other way round. 

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