Sarah Ferguson makes the perfect healthy summer snack for kids

The Duchess of York has made peppers fun!

Sarah Ferguson has found a great way to get kids eating healthier – pepper trains! The 60-year-old made the perfect snack using a selection of raw vegetables in a fun video on her YouTube channel on Friday, and the whole family can get involved.

Using a red, yellow and orange pepper as the focus of her lunchtime treat, Sarah cut little holes in the ends so she could join them all up to resemble a train.

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Sarah Ferguson made pepper trains in her latest YouTube video

Scooping out the insides, the Duchess then stuffed them with a selection of carrots, celery and more peppers, and added slices of cucumber, which she stuck along the sides using cocktail sticks, to form 'wheels' for the train.

"You're going to take a lovely, delicious, wonderful mixture of fabulous crudités and we're going to cut the pepper to make sure he has nothing inside," Sarah explained. "They are going to be so good for us to eat too because they're going to give us lots of Vitamin C and we're going to get really healthy and well. That's what we need to worry about nowadays, don't we? We've got to be healthy and well."

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Sarah launched her YouTube initiative, Storytime with Fergie and Friends, in April and has been entertaining children around the world with her daily stories during the lockdown. The Duchess set up the channel in a bid to help comfort young people during these uncertain times.

Sarah's stories have been a hit with many famous faces too, including Poppy Delevingne and Catherine Zeta-Jones – who previously commented on the royal's post about her reading Little Red: "Used to read this to Dylan and Carys, love it." Sarah has written a number of children's books over the years, including Ballerina Rosie, Budgie Goes to Sea, and Matthew and the Bullies.

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