Jeans tips: How to find your 'perfect fit'

Classic denim jeans are a perennial wardrobe staple, so it's important to find a good-fitting pair that flatter your body shape.

HELLO! Online understands that finding the perfect fit can be daunting, so we've done some of the legwork and created a denim guide with our top high street suggestions.

Firstly, it's important to identify your body shape…




Pear – wider hips and bottom with a narrow bust.
Bootcut, straight leg or boyfriend jeans are your best bet. Skinny jeans emphasize hips so it's better to go for for something with a looser cut that balances out the hips.

Apple — rounded tummy and bigger bust with slim hips.
Straight leg jeans manage to balance out your upper busy while simultaneously emphasizing slim legs.

Strawberry — broad shoulders and skinny legs; the opposite of pear.
Skinny flares balance out the upper body and draw attention away from broad shoulders.

Petite — a small and slim frame.
Opt for skinny jeans. Baggy jeans will only swamp your figure.

Rectangle — slender/slight body frame, similar width for bust, hips and waist.
Create the illusion of a defined waistline with low-rise jeans. Lightwash skinny jeans also help create the illusion of curves. If you want a looser fit, opt for skinny flares over bootcut or normal flares.

Once you've identifed your body shape, click on the photo for HELLO! Online's suggestion for each shape.