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A-list personal trainers Dalton Wong & Sarah Lindsay reveal pro fitness tips - plus what gear to wear

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Esther Coombes
Esther CoombesContent Lead
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With summer on the horizon, you may be dreaming of ways to get outside and enjoy the sun, or simply want to reboot your health and fitness ahead of the holiday season.

With this in mind, we consulted two celebrity personal trainers for some expert tips and motivation. Plus, we’ve got the lowdown on the clever new sneaker you’ll need for all-day comfort – and to help hit your step count.

As trainer to Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried and Vogue Williams, Dalton Wong has spent over 20 years helping clients achieve their fitness goals. If you’re a beginner, he advises thinking of exercise as bitesize chunks: “Introduce 20 minutes a day to your routine, whether that’s at the start, before bed or during your lunch hour. Committing to a short amount of time every day makes exercise more likely to become a habit.

“A lot has been said about the 10,000 daily step count – but I prefer to recommend the idea of moving in general, whether that’s stretching, jogging or sit-ups.

“Ideally you need to do something each day that puts you slightly out of breath and increases your heart rate. Mix cardio such as spinning or running with strength training such as barre and add a restorative class like Pilates. The ideal combination of exercise across an average week improves your cardiovascular (heart) health whilst building muscle mass and improving mobility and posture.”

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Getting out into the great outdoors is a great place to start, and created to offer incredible cushioning whilst walking, the new range of Spherica sneakers by Geox would make a smart investment.

With an innovative Zero Shock System featuring ultra-soft spheres, the style promises all-day comfort, balance and support for everyday chores and light exercise. 

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Spherica Woman sneaker in pink, £100, Geox


A special breathable waterproof membrane combines with a specially engineered sole to create a shoe that suits the demands of your daily routine, whether you’re running around after the children, commuting to the office or enjoying a power walk through the park.

Available in a range of colours from pastel pink and pale green to suits-all grey, white or black, Geox Spherica have a trendy, versatile design that pairs easily with leggings, jeans or your favourite maxi dress.

The flexible upper layer features a soft knit fabric and perfectly matched, easily adjustable laces together with a subtle Geox logo and suede edging to make a smart impression.

geox fitness black

Spherica Woman sneaker in black, £100, Geox


Many people question if your fitness can plateau whilst following a routine, so Dalton advises trying a regime “for eight-12 weeks then swapping the types of class you’re taking to reboot and avoid your weight stalling. Most people cannot overtrain, so even on rest days from a more strenuous workout schedule you can still take a gentle stroll as part of your active recovery.”

geox fitness blue

Spherica Woman sneaker in bluette/light avio, £100, Geox


As a three-time Olympian and trainer to Christine Lampard, Ellie Goulding and Mel B, founder of Roar Fitness, Sarah Lindsay has a wealth of expertise in the exercise world. She tells HELLO!: “the most valuable thing to come from exercise especially for women is confidence. When you are physically capable of doing anything, that confidence crosses over into other areas of your life.

“Try to set small, achievable goals that you can enjoy every day. Spring is a great time to boost your exercise regime as the weather improves. Most women need to prioritise themselves more, and not feel guilty for it. Everyone relies on us, and we all have one life – we deserve to enjoy it!

“As well as weight training in my gym, I schedule wellness into my week by spending time on my own to clear my head; whether that’s meditating, reading, taking a bath or shopping – and most importantly turning the phone off.”

geox fitness white

Spherica Woman sneaker in white, £100, Geox


Meanwhile, Dalton has seen a huge shift in people’s attitudes towards fitness post-pandemic. “People are a thousand times more aware of their health, they want to be strong enough to fight disease and set a good example to their children.

“By increasing dopamine and serotonin, the mood-boosting chemicals in your body, exercise can help beat depression and increase your vitality, so that you perform better in everyday life – in your job and with your family. In turn your metabolic system works at an optimised rate, so you’re able to indulge in the occasional treat or meal out whilst experiencing all the physical and mental benefits of feeling fit."

So, try a new wellness or exercise habit this spring, and treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers to supercharge your routine.

Shop the new Spherica sneaker for women in a range of colours now at Geox.

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