Catherine Tyldesley reveals gorgeous 'date night' outfit

Coronation Street star gets glam for night out

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Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley uploaded a striking snap onto her Instagram account on Thursday evening – showing her lean toned frame in a bandeau cut black dress. The off-the-shoulder dress showed off her incredible weight loss, and a circular belt accentuated her tiny waist. The actress wore her long blonde her away from her face high up on her head, and you could see her dainty pearl earrings which are by high end designer brand Chanel. The mother of one shared with her 272,000 followers that she was about to go for dinner with her husband Tom Pitford – as she captioned the snap "#datenight".


The actress looked beautiful in the snap

She looked glamorous and happy in the selfie and stood in front of a beauty mirror with dazzling lightbulbs. The actress visited Yu Alderley Edge restaurant with her husband and later uploaded a picture of the loved-up pair enjoying a cocktail and a beer.


Catherine enjoyed a date with her husband Tom Pitford

The 34-year-old mother to baby Alfie enjoyed her Christmas with her family and uploaded a photograph of herself after she had indulged in all the festive food. She captioned it, "Roll on detox. The reason I eat clean the rest of the year."

Catherine Tyldesley reveals dramatic effects on body when she steps off clean eating diet

The actress has been refreshingly honest and open about her battle with her diet, having previously slimmed down from a size 22 to a tiny size 8 as a teenager. Speaking to HELLO! online about her weight-loss journey, the actress explained: "At the end of the day, I'm just a normal person and I struggled with food and my weight." Catherine, who plays barmaid Eva in the ITV soap, appeared on Fat: The Healthy Option on ITV and spoke of her incredible ambition to reeducate others about the misconceptions of weight and preventing eating disorders, and how it is a great passion she wishes to fulfill.