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The sweet and super stylish way Prince Harry pays tribute to wife Meghan Markle with his ties

Has the Prince been struck by the 'Meghan effect'?

Ainhoa Barcelona

Thousands of royal fans around the world have been struck by the 'Meghan effect' – and it seems the Duchess of Sussex's husband Prince Harry is the latest to fall victim. Here at HELLO! we've noticed that Harry has upped the style stakes of late and has even been wearing Meghan's favourite colour – olive green. The former actress often wears the elegant shade, which perfectly suits her complexion, and we've noticed Harry has been too, in his choice of ties.

On Thursday evening, the royal power couple stepped out to attend the 100 Days of Peace concert. Harry looked dapper in a navy suit, livening up his look with a green tie.

prince harry and meghan markle wearing blue dress

Harry recycled his green tie for Thursday's event

During his trip to Ireland, he again tactfully chose to wear green, not only giving a nod to his host country but also paying tribute to his wife Meghan who wore a stylish green dress. A few weeks later in July, Harry donned his favourite tie again, this time to attend the Your Commonwealth Youth Challenge reception.

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Gabi Winters from Chromology has given us an insight into Meghan's preferred colour. "Green in general represents freshness, growth and harmony – a sense of richness and balance in life. Green is also the colour of rebirth and rejuvenation, people dressing in the colour green are feeling grounded, generous and collected," she told HELLO!


Harry and Meghan arrive in Ireland for an official visit

"Olive green is interesting though, because it adds a flavour of classicality and agelessness to 'nature's essence', due to the added level of 'insight' coming from yellow. Olive carries the promise of certainty and knowing. Similar to the colour white, olive green has a quality of surrendering oneself, but in the case of olive it's not about surrendering to the new and unknown, it's more about the acceptance of the existing and known.

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"It's about modelling to others what it means to embrace each other for who we are. Being able to stand in your power whilst empowering others – a heightened sense of diplomacy if you like."

meghan markle wears olive green dress at prince louis christening

Meghan is a fan of green and particularly suits olive green

Gabi added: "Last but not at all least, green is also the ultimate symbol of fertility, so you never know maybe Harry is ready to start a new family soon."

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