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What Princess Kate, Meghan Markle and more royals keep in their cars

From the Duchess of Sussex's Stanley Cup to the Princess of Wales's snacks

Queen Camilla, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle exiting cars© Getty
February 13, 2024
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The royals might live in palaces and grand residences but sometimes they're no different to everyone else.

Like most of us, they like to be prepared at all times and that includes when they're travelling around on official engagements.

Queen Camilla has often been spotted with Murray Mints in the side compartment of her car, while the Princess of Wales is always prepared with snacks for her children.

Back when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were working members of the royal family, they liked to take a specific brand of water.

And now that they're living in California, Meghan was spotted with her must-have Stanley Cup as she drove around Santa Barbara last week. 

See what else the royals keep in their cars...

Meghan Markle wearing black trouser suit© Getty

The Duchess of Sussex

Back when the Duchess of Sussex was a working member of the royal family, she liked to travel around with bottles of Hildon natural mineral water. 

The Hampshire-based company was appointed the prestigious Royal Warrant in 2017 after several years of supplying Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Duchess of Cornwall steps out of car © Getty

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla likes to have a bag of Murray Mints in the car with her on journeys. In the past, the sweets have been spotted in the side compartment of the car door as Camilla has stepped out. 


Meghan Markle in black coat waving from car© Getty

The Duchess of Sussex

And Queen Camilla isn't the only one. In January 2019, the Duchess of Sussex made sure she had all her essentials with her during her visit to City University in London. Eagle-eyed watchers spotted how Meghan kept a packet of peppermint Smints in her car. 

Kate, Louis, George and Charlotte eating lunch in boot of car© Getty

The Princess of Wales

As a  busy mother-of-three, the Princess of Wales knows it's always best to be prepared when it comes to looking after her children. 

In July 2019, she took Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis for a day out at the polo where the kids cheered on dad Prince William and uncle Prince Harry. 

As ever, the hands-on mum prepped for their outing, filling the car boot with snacks and drinks.

Kate was spotted unpacking her children's treats and gathering the kids around her. With Louis settled on her lap, she offered up what looked like everyone's favourite picnic treats – flapjacks, carrot batons, slices of pepper, cookies and more. 

The royal mum had packed the food into plastic containers but also prepared another dish in a disposable foil tray. The children had bottles of Evian and plastic sippy cups to drink from.  

Prince Harry steps out of his car in Greenwich© Getty

The Duke of Sussex

Back in January 2020, when the Duke of Sussex attended meetings at the UK-Africa Investment Summit in Greenwich, we noticed a glass bottle of water in the side compartment of the door as Prince Harry stepped out of his vehicle.

The Sussexes also travelled with RIND snacks inside their car during a three-day trip to New York in 2021. 

The New-York based food company produces dried snacks with upcycled whole fruit, which helps to minimise food waste. Harry and Meghan have long-supported sustainability so we're not surprised that's reflected in their snack choices.  

Princess of Wales in green coat departing from car© Getty

The Princess of Wales

During one of her last public outings before she gave birth to Prince Louis in 2018, then the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted with a plastic container of snacks on a tray in the back seat of her car. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton sit under a blue blanket in car© Peter Jolly/Shutterstock

Queen Elizabeth II and the Princess of Wales

The late Queen always liked to have a blanket handy when travelling.

In summer 2018, Kate was spotted using a cosy blue blanket as she travelled with Her Majesty to Crathie Church for a service, while dressed smartly in a Catherine Walker coatdress and hat.

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