The sweet story behind Sophie Wessex's favourite designer dress

The Countess loves wearing stunning Suzannah outfits!

Fiona Ward

If you love royal style, the chances are you'll recognise the Countess of Wessex's gorgeous green Suzannah dress. It is clearly a favourite of hers since she's worn it on a number of occasions! Sophie memorably chose to wear the beautiful vintage silhouette to the Order of the Garter service back in 2015, and to Trooping the Colour in 2019.


Sophie wore her bold Suzannah dress at 2015's Order of the Garter service

In fact, the designer behind the look - royal favourite Suzannah Crabb - has revealed to HELLO! that the Countess has actually worn the dress on a number of other occasions, and it certainly seems to be her favourite! "She's worn it four, five, maybe six times. It's definitely her favourite," she told HELLO!'s editor-in-chief Rosie Nixon during our recent Instagram Live session. "It's a really good standout [look]… very 1950s, kind of Kelly green, I would say!" 

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And speaking of the bold colour, she also revealed that Sophie originally had to step out of her comfort zone to choose the bright green hue, since she is usually much happier in softer shades. 

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"She loves neutrals," Suzannah said. "She's got a very soft complexion, a very pretty English rose - and looks amazing in neutrals. So to go with the bright green was a real change… but she absolutely embraced the green, it was her idea - and then since then, we made a bright coral skirt with exactly the same pleats as that dress, which she wears with a cream top to various events. It's definitely her silhouette."


Pictured at 2019's Trooping the Colour

The fashion designer, who has also dressed the Duchess of Cambridge and her mother Carole Middleton, also revealed that she works closely with her clients - and sees them for bespoke fittings and alterations. Speaking of her working relationship with Countess Sophie, she added: "I deal with her [personally], which is really nice. And she also has a lady in waiting who's great to work with, too. She's super supportive."

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