Pierce laid out the £160,000 for the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish - of which only 300 have been made - after driving the car on the set of Die Another Day
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7 AUGUST 2002
Bond actor Pierce Brosnan has gone one step closer to his fictional alter-ego by investing £160,000 in a new limited edition Aston Martin identical to the one 007 will be driving in the upcoming movie Die Another Day.

After driving the V12 Vanquish on the set of the film earlier this year, the 49-year-old star splashed out and ordered one of the silver tungsten steel supercars to be shipped to his Malibu home. His V12 Vanquish, which has a top speed of 200 mph, is one of only 300 produced.

Another of those precious models went to fellow actor Hugh Grant, who was furious recently when someone backed into his just two days after he'd taken delivery of it. The result of the prang was a dent which cost nearly the price of a small car to have fixed. A friend of Hugh’s revealed: “The car is his pride and joy. He had been terrified about something happening to it, but he didn’t expect an accident after just a few days… When he found a massive dent in the car he was absolutely livid.”

The manufacturers have denied suggestions that Pierce got a discount for promoting the Aston Martin brand in the latest Bond flick, saying he paid the full price, plus shipping costs, just like any other customer.

“Mr Brosnan asked for all the same specifications as the car he drove in Die Another Day,” said a spokesman for Aston Martin. “But of course in Mr Brosnan’s car there will be no ejector seat, no missile launcher and no machine guns.”

The new 007 film premieres in the UK and US on November 22.

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