21 DECEMBER 2005

Click here to send this news item to a friend When filming on Steven Spielberg's latest oeuvre Munich began last June, the movie was surrounded by so many rumours and such a lot of criticism that details about the film were kept quiet. Its Malta, Budapest, New York and Paris sets were closed to journalists, while only a handful of the cast actually got to see a complete script.

All was finally revealed this week, however, as stars Eric Bana and Daniel Craig - who presumably were among those privy to the whole picture – turned out for a screening in Los Angeles. The pair joined director Steven on the red carpet for the showing of his long-awaited period piece.

Munich is a fictionalised account of the Israeli response to the Palestinian terrorist attack on Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics. The secrecy which surrounded the production, which Spielberg calls a "prayer for peace", was apparently intended to ensure no input during the three-month-long shoot from either side of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Australian Eric plays Avner Kauffman, the anguished head of one of the hit teams sent out to revenge his slain countrymen, while British actor Daniel, who was recently cast as the new 007, takes on the role of a South African hit man.

Other members of the cast also came from far flung corners of the world. "It was like going to the UN every day," says Eric. "There was always plenty of rich social and political discussion, no doubt about it."

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The film's stars, Eric Bana and Daniel Craig, join Stephen Spielberg at the screening of the director's long-awaited period piece MunichPhoto: © RexClick on photo to enlarge