16 FEBRUARY 2009

Ruby Sweetheart Maguire has picked up a few tips from her screen action-man star dad it seems. The tot was set on outdoing daddy Tobey Maguire's aerial antics by 'taking off' with a little help from the Spider-Man actor and mum Jennifer Meyer as the family headed to an LA park on Saturday.

Despite her energetic efforts two-year-old Ruby, who was full of beans on the Valentine's Day outing, still needed a helping hand from her famous dad as she clambered aboard a bouncing horse.

The attention of both mum and dad wasn't the only thing to have got the toddler in high spirits. Jewellery designer Jennifer has revealed the thought of having a little brother or sister in the spring has got Ruby very excited.

Saying the toddler is fascinated by mummy's growing tummy, the 31-year-old added: "She just loves being around people, and this will be like having another little playmate."

Photo: Rex
When it comes to getting airbourne Tobey's two-year-old daughter has an advantage - her Spider-Man star dad's an expert
Photo: Rex
Like father like daughter, little Ruby was taking a fearless approach to the park's challenges