Made In Chelsea series 7: 5 things we learned from episode 3

The Sloane Square rahs are officially back as the seventh series of Made in Chelsea debuted earlier this month.

Viewers were treated to a fresh dose of drama, awkward silences and catty exchanges, and judging by the television ratings — which pulled in a record high of 808,000 viewers — and the frantic tweeting, the show's first episode was well worth the wait.

Read on to find out what we learnt from episode three...

Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton

1) Alex Mytton can’t remember cheating on Binky Felstead
We’ve heard many an excuse for men cheating on their women but this one took the biscuit on Monday night. Alex claimed that he might have been unfaithful to Binky during a trip to Oxford University but she can’t blame him because he’s so forgetful! The SW resident shocked audiences and @hellomag followers when he said: "I don't know about this. I've had nights where I forget everything."

#PoorBinky began trending as Cheska broke the news to her following a very stressful few scenes in the episode when she contemplated how to break to the news to her bestie. Earlier claiming to his pals that he was “in love” with his girlfriend and following taking her mother out, Alex’s response when Binky told him what Cheska had said: “right”.


2) Victoria and Sophie are hood rats at heart
Who hasn’t gone spray painting in their high heels? If you haven’t joined the trend yet surely Victoria and Sophie’s posh gangster style will have an influence on you now. After a tiring time at London Fashion Week the ladies were seen stepping into protective hooded onesies to do a bit of graffiti artwork and later Mark Francis joined them adding that he loves a “touch of gangster”. The trio enjoyed banter about how they were hood rats at heart but we’d love to see them don that attire outside of their South West London post codes!
3) Louise has nothing against Emma Miller
We’re not sure Louise is doing herself any favours by talking about Spencer’s latest obsession so much. Now his ex is back in town, Louise has been going on and on about her so much that we’re starting to wonder if she might be craving his attention again. Emma is clearly loving the battle of the babes and even favourite our tweet when we couldn’t take Louise mentioning her love rival once again on the programme. Then she did the ultimate meow thing by posting the below Instagram screen grab, turning Louise’s own words around to get back at her. She means business!

4) Louise and Rosie are more youthful than you think 
HELLO! Online blogger Louise Watson may only be 23 but she views herself as a granny thanks to her wisdom of the world. The brunette appeared in a scene with Rosie and they chatted about how they may come across as slightly older due to their advanced careers and luxurious lives.
5) Stephanie Pratt is coming back!
And she’s not happy with Spencer… The former The Hills star appeared at the end of the episode as it previewed next week’s shenanigans. The blonde beauty certainly isn’t pleased with her womanising ex and has choice words for him. Tune in next week and don’t forget to join us @hellomag on #HELLOMIC.