Made in Chelsea series 7: 5 things we learned from episode 8

Monday night's episode of Made in Chelsea started with Binky Felstead finally finding the courage to dump her cheating boyfriend Alex Mytton, much to viewers' delight.

The drama continued though, with fans' attention soon turning to former good boy Stevie Johnson and his messy romances. Morphing into the new Spencer Matthews, Stevie is seen chasing after American beauty Stephanie Pratt while also assuring his new flame Riley Uggla that he likes how their relationship is developing.

Read on to find out five things we learned from episode eight...

Stevie Johnson and Stephanie Pratt on a date


1. Binky Felstead breaks up with cheating Alex Mytton

After talking with the girls and bawling her eyes out, Binky decides to meet up with Alex once and for all, to break up with her boyfriend who had cheated on her five times. The pair meet by the river where Binky is given the satisfaction of unleashing all her anger on Alex, causing him to break down in tears. "I was a coward," Alex told Binky desperately trying to win her back. "I know I'm capable of changing. I'm willing to do anything. All I want is you and I'll fight for it. We're amazing together." Binky remains strong however, shouting, "You should have thought about that before." "I can't do this," she says as she throws down his flowers and walks away.


2. Stevie Johnson "has game"

Despite insisting that he isn't "like all the other Chelsea boys," Stevie proves exactly that he is. The former good boy, who has been dating Riley Uggla and has said how much he "loved hanging out with her," is swayed by American beauty Stephanie Pratt after she makes no secret of her attraction to him. Stevie and Stephanie go on a date, which ends in a kiss, much to viewers' shock. "Stevie got game," he proudly whoops to his best friend Andy Jordan after. Later on in the episode, Stevie explains the turn of events to Riley and without shame, sets up another private date with Stephanie in front of her, as the rest of the group enjoy Jamie Laing's picnic party.



3. Jamie Laing makes his move on Riley Uggla

Never one to miss an opportunity to chase girls, Jamie is quick to ask Riley out on a date after she is dumped by Stevie. The blonde beauty is hesitant, as she doesn't want to annoy her boss and Jamie's ex-girlfriend Lucy Watson, but Jamie insists that they have "nothing to lose". The preview for the next episode sees Lucy and Jamie arguing over his actions, as well as Lucy firing Riley.


4. Spencer Matthews "gets hate" from everyone

Last week it was Lucy Watson who felt that everyone was ganging up on her, but it was Spencer's turn on Monday night's episode to feel the hate. The show starts with Spencer falling out with Alex after he unwillingly lets slip that Alex had had a little too much fun with other girls while the DJ and Binky were on a break. Binky is also one to argue with Spencer, saying that friends don't hide things from each other. But it was Sam Thompson who had the most beef with Spencer, as the City broker starts dating Christiane, the girl Sam was hoping to woo. Sam's older sister and Spencer's former girlfriend Louise gets involved, sticking up for her brother and scolding Spencer for his sneaky ways.


5. Mark Francis giggles like a girl

The most eccentric of the Made in Chelsea cast, Mark Francis goes classic car shopping with Rosie Fortescue and pulls out some sublime one-liners as usual. The immaculately dressed star reveals that he learnt how to drive in a Rolls Royce, but proceeded to drive it off a bridge. He then had to take on a Mercedes, which was "punishment" indeed. His anecdotes don't stop Rosie getting in a car with him and the pair enjoy an open-top ride around the countryside. Mark Francis lets out a giggle and a roar as Rosie's hat flies away in the wind.