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Made in Chelsea season 7: 5 things we learned from episode 5

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Made in Chelsea was back on screens on Monday night, and saw the well-heeled rahs swap their SW3 stomping ground for Venice. Spencer Matthews was at the centre of the storm of tears, drama and tension, managing to seduce ex-girlfriend Stephanie Pratt for one night, while also angering new love interest Emma Miller. The self-confessed lothario was also on holiday with former girlfriends Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson, best friend Jamie Laing and Stephanie's model hunk friend Erik, who all managed to get involved in the scandal. Read on to find out what we learned from episode five...

Emma Miller and Spencer Matthews

1. Spencer Matthews always gets his way. The Eton-educated heartbreaker was on holiday in Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, with three ex-girlfriends and a current love interest, so there was no surprise that he managed to woo at least one of them. Having declared his love for model Emma Miller last week, Spencer admitted quite early on in Monday night's episode that he would probably be tempted more by ex-girlfriend Stephanie out of the two. Spencer got his way, "hooking up" with the former The Hills star after gifting her with a studded Prada bag to "apologise" for having cheated on her in their relationship. Stephanie had said she was keen to "get her own back" by going on the trip to Venice, but didn't seem like it when she was wooed by the city banker. 

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2. Emma Miller washes her hands of Spencer. The pouty model had previously voiced the awkwardness of the trip at the start of the episode, rightly saying, "We're in Venice and it's so romantic, and Spencer is here with his three exes." After finding out that Spencer had strung her along and "hooked up" with his ex-girlfriend, Emma confronted and dumped the love rat, saying "What I am doing here? You really embarrassed me," after which she told Stephanie, "You can have him," and, "It takes more to win me over than a Prada handbag."

3. Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton could be getting back together. Throughout the episode, Alex had toyed with the idea of winning Binky back, insisting that he "still loved her" despite cheating on her and lying about it. And while Binky had spent the large part of the hour in tears over her recent break-up, next week's preview hinted that the pair had got back together after meeting to talk things over. It was more bad news for Binky though, as close friend Cheska Hull is filmed saying that more cheating rumours had been going around Chelsea.   

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  4. Stevie Johnson is not as innocent as you think. The fair-haired boy has stepped up his game in the dating field, and gone after his friend Sam Thompson's ex-girlfriend, Riley. After being told that he should "go for it" by Sam and try his luck, Stevie did just exactly that and took the pretty blonde out for a date. The pair seemed to have hit it off and despite their love triangle and an awkward encounter with Sam in the park, Stevie and Riley's romance looked to be heating up in the preview for next week's episode. 

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5. Mark Francis' one-liners never fail to amuse. Amid all the drama and catfights, Mark Francis always manages to deliver a healthy dose of comic relief to the show. His latest "impromptu" appearance saw the Italian fashionista strolling through St Mark's Square in Venice, jabbering away in Italian and bumping into Lucy Watson and Stephanie Pratt. Meeting Stephanie for the first time, Mark makes no attempt at hiding his eccentricity, complimenting her on her studded Prada bag and remarking that he "never books return flights" home.