Secrets, lies and cheating in MIC episode 2
With the battle of the love triangles kicking off last week between Louise, Alik and Andy, Monday’s Made in Chelsea episode started with Andy revealing that he thought that he might get back together with his ex-girlfriend.

Following a summer of exchanging text messages while Louise was in New York, Andy was worried that he has revealed his feelings too soon in front of Louise and her new beau, Alik.


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Alik was weary of Andy's involvement with Louise

"She could have been one that I would marry
," revealed Andy much to Lucy’s surprise.

Across town, Binky Felstead and Rosie did an intense work out with new boys on the scene, Will and Lonan. Not one to beat around the bush, Will asked if Binky would like to make their workout a regular date, making the newly single Chelsea girl blush.

When Louise came to visit the girls at the gym, the smitten star explained her awkward situation with Alik and Andy, admitting that Andy had revealed having feelings for her.

As the girls enjoyed flirting with the new boys
, the other MIC veterans worked out with a game of rugby, soon joined by Jamie Laing’s intern, Sam Thompson.

Following the game of rugby, Alik admitted that he was worried that Andy was starting to have feelings for his English girlfriend.

"He's got to keep his distance," warned Alik.

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Andy admitted that he thought Louise was marriage material

Lonan admitted to having a crush on Rosie while Will said that he wanted to see Binky more but was worried that she was vulnerable after Alex's cheating scandal.

"I wouldn’t do that to her- I like her," said Will.

Lucy, Tiffany and Binky went shopping for HELLO! Online blogger Lucy Watson’s date but instead of keeping it a secret, like she promised Proudlock, she let slip that he was her secret date.

However, gossip travels quickly around Chelsea and it didn’t take long until Proudlock blurted out to best friend, Stevie, that he was going on a date with Lucy.

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Lucy Watson and Proudlock went public with their relationship at the polo

"I don't want everyone knowing," admitted Proudlock, nervous that Jamie might be annoyed at him dating his former flame.

That evening, Stevie, Binky, Rosie and Jamie enjoyed drinks with Jamie growing increasingly inquisitive of Proudlock and Lucy's relationship.

However, Binky and Stevie kept to their word and kept their friends' secret date quiet.

Enjoying a romantic meal, Proudlock and Lucy opened up about their feelings with the newly-signed model admitting that she puts up an emotional wall following her previous relationships.

"I feel the same," said Proudlock, with the duo both admitting that they don't want to get hurt by pursuing their relationship and promised to remain friends, no matter what happens.

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Things are hotting up between the Chelsea couple

Back on Stevie’s night out with the rest of the MIC cast, Alik and Louise joined their friends. However, Binky revealed that Andy told Lucy that Louise was a potential future-wife, which made Alik even more annoyed.

The next day, Proudlock, Rosie and Stevie enjoyed brunch and caught up about Proudlock’s date with Lucy.

"Whenever I see her I want to kiss her," admitted Proudlock while Binky and Lucy walked into the café.

Lucy explained to Binky how Proudlock’s questions about her ‘emotional guard’ being up, made her feel awkward and regretted saying ‘yes’ to a second date with the Serge Denim designer.

Hoping to enjoy the last few days of summer, the MIC gang headed off to the polo for Pimms and prosecco.

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Alik and Louise's relationship is on the rocks

Rosie revealed to Andy that everyone knew that he was saying that Louise might have been one to marry while Lucy admitted to Proudlock that she had reservations about going on another date, before he charmed her into hanging out with him.

Across the field, Andy wore his heart on his sleeve admitting that he missed Andy while Louise said that she once thought they would get back together.

"You snooze you lose," Louise joked before Alik approached the former lovebirds. Andy apologised to Alik that he didn't mean to threaten the New Yorker and complimented him on being the "perfect gentleman" for his ex-girlfriend.

However, the honeymoon period came to an abrupt end when Jamie revealed to Sam that he had heard from friends that Alik had already cheated on Louise in the U.K.

Tune in next Monday on E4 on MIC to find out what happens.
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