Cheating rumours tear apart Made in Chelsea friendships
Made in Chelsea kicked off on Monday with Alik, Louise and Binky grabbing an afternoon drink in London, chatting about Binky's gym date with Will.

"He's funny and silly," said Binky, blushing at the thought of her new romance.

Across town, Stevie, Rosie and Proudlock went shopping for a Vespa for Louise and the trio talked about the boys moving in together.

"New crib new times," said Proudlock before admitting that his date with Lucy was amazing but was weary that she was ignoring her feelings. "I'm willing to take that risk," he said.


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Proudlock and Lucy were worried about ruining their friendship

Over in Chelsea, Spencer Matthews, HELLO! Online blogger Lucy Watson and Andy met up for coffee and joked about Stevie becoming the hipster version of Proudlock with their 'ridiculous' matching Bowery tattoos.

Moving on swifty to the gossip of the week, Lucy and Proudlock's romance, Lucy revealed that she didn't want to ruin a friendship with the Serge Denim designer and saying that she didn't want a complicated relationship like what happened with Spencer, following their breakup.

However, the day took a turn for the worse when Louise's brother turned up to Louise and Binky's afternoon drinks and revealed that there were rumours spreading around town that Alik had cheated on her while on a night out with Proudlock.

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Alik and Louise's relationship is on the rocks after cheating allegations

It suddenly dawned on Louise how she once found a text from a girl, the day after Alik's night out, and suspected that the rumours were true.

The next day, Jamie Laing and Spencer went on a shopping trip and Jamie told Spencer the rumours about Alik, with Spencer saying that Alik will "go mad" when he finds out that Jamie told Sam the gossip.

That evening, Mark Francis and Victoria dined in Marylebone and were joined by George, who met they met the previous week at the polo, and chatted about their language and riding skills.

Enjoying a much more relaxed evening, Stevie, Lucy and Proudlock played a game on ping pong at a bar and it was revealed that Lucy and Proudlock were trying to be friends but would be jealous if they hooked up with other people.


Tiffany, Lucy and Spencer enjoyed a day out together

Turning up late to dinner later that evening, Louise finally confronted Alik about the cheating rumours.

"I don't know what you're talking about," said Alik, shocked about the allegations.

The next day, Lonan and Will met for a spot of golf and joked about Will's reluctance to ask Binky out on a proper date.

The boys weren't the only one with romance on the brain, as Louise and Binky met to chat about Alik's cheating scandal.

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Louise wasn't sure who she should believe- Jamie or Alik

"You are defending him, like I defended Alex," said Binky as Louise tried making excuses for her American boyfriend.

Refusing to keep quiet, Alik stormed into Jamie's office and confronted the Candy Kittens star on making up these allegations.

"I felt like I had to go and talk to Sam," admitted Jamie.

"By eavesdropping, you have created a situation with the girl that I love, who won't even look at me in the same way," shouted Alik, getting increasingly angry at Jamie.

"You gotta help me rectify this," said Alik before leaving the office.

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Alik and Louise have been dating since MIC NYC, earlier this year

While walking her dog Digby, Lucy bumped into Andy and admitted that she had hooked up with Proudlock the night before.

"You know that he's hooking up with other people?" asked Andy to an obviously disappointed Lucy.

Later that day, Alik apologised for his agressive behaviour at dinner the night before to Louise, with her admitting that time away from him had helped her think about their relationship.

The American designer proceeded to tell Louise that Jamie admitted he was wrong and failed to take the cheating rumours as a joke.

"I would never cheat on you...I love you so much" said Alik.

"Everything can just resume as normal," replied Louise before the couple kissed and made up.

The next day, the MIC cast enjoyed an old-fashioned day playing badminton and enjoying a traditional afternoon tea while Lucy admitted that she needed to stop liking Proudlock as his serial dating was making her upset.

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Jamie and Proudlock's friendship is under threat following Jamie revealing Alik's cheating scandal

"You don't expect him to be one of the boys but he actually is," said Binky before Andy said that he didn't think that Proudlock liked Lucy enough.

As the sun was setting, Binky and Will finally spent some alone time together until Will eventually asked her on a date.

But as the boys enjoyed a game of croquet, Andy told Proudlock that Lucy knew that he was hooking up with other people and Proudlock admitted that that he didn't want a girlfriend.

Across the lawn, Louise confronted Jamie about the rumours with Jamie saying that he didn't want to lie to a friend again, like he did with Binky and Alex's relationship.


Proudlock and Stevie are moving in together which has upset Proudlock's current housemate, Jamie

After Louise admitted that she was trusting her gut and believing Alik, Proudlock wanted to clear things and up and clarify that Alik had not cheated.

However, with tension rising between Jamie and Proudlock, Jamie said that he was upset that Proudlock hadn't told him about moving in with Stevie and knew he was lying about Alik cheating on Louise.

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