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The Durrells: Exciting new trailer sees Louisa welcome royalty - but is all as it seems?

The Durrells return to ITV on Sunday night

Sharnaz Shahid

The Durrells play host to a special guest – but all is not what it seems when Louisa mistakes their guest for actual royalty. The upcoming episode sees the beloved family receive a telegram from Larry, who is in Athens for a short trip, announcing that he has a friend coming to stay - Prince Jeejeebuoy. Louisa, played by Keeley Hawes, immediately begins to clean the house in preparation for his arrival, whilst their good friend Spiro offers to pick up champagne for their guest.


Keeley Hawes stars in The Durrells

However, Larry doesn't stop at inviting Prince Jeejeebuoy to the house, he also extends the invite to a drunken Captain Creech who is desperate and has no-where else to go. Louisa is furious but allows Creech to stay for a few days upon Jeejee's advice. Concerned about Gerry's education, Louisa also seeks advice from Theo who arranges for him to have an interview at the local school. However, with two contrasting house guests giving her their opinions, the interview doesn't go as smoothly as planned.

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The beloved ITV drama returned earlier this year for its third series. Based on Gerald Durrell's trilogy of books, The Durrells tells the story of Louisa and her four spirited children, Larry (Josh O’Connor), Leslie (Callum Woodhouse), Margo (Daisy Waterstone) and Gerry (Milo Parker) as they start a new life in Corfu in the 1930s. Speaking about what to expect in this instalment, actress Keeley revealed: "Louisa has decided to give up her search for love and concentrate on herself and the children." She added: "The family is still in financial dire straits, but Larry is earning a little bit of money with his writing and some money is trickling in from the market. Even so, they all need to get jobs."

But when it comes to her friendship with Spiro, the star noted: "We go a bit deeper into their relationship in this series, which is very exciting and easy to play because Alexis Georgoulis, who plays Spiro, is brilliant." She continued: "It's a bittersweet thing. Louisa and Spiro would be so good together. They're both wonderful people but Louisa would never go there because he's married with a couple of children. It's 1937 and a very different time. But wait and see what happens."

The Durrells airs on Sunday at 8pm on ITV1