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Why Ordeal by Innocence viewers are shocked with the show

Viewers were fairly sure Agatha Christie didn't write certain lines!

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The new Agatha Christie drama for the BBC, Ordeal by Innocence, had viewers talking on Sunday night due to the expletive language and content of the episode, which seemed far-removed from the murder mystery author's family friendly writing. In the episode, one of the Argyll children Tina is followed and insulted by a group of men, to which she begins to throw her things at them and shout profanities. Fans of Agatha Christie's works were quick to question the decision, with one tweeting: "Christie wrote brilliant books without [expletive] etc - totally rewriting her books is a disgrace - and for all the money spent the book was a million times better."


Viewers were shocked by the strong language on the show

Another viewer wrote: "I don't think Agatha Christie used the phrase, '[expletive] off' a lot in her books. #ordealbyinnocence," later adding: "I think they said things back then that we think they didn't. But I think at that time women of that class didn't speak like that in public and men didn't in front of 'ladies'. Even in a family as dysfunctional as that!"

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Bill Nighy stars in the BBC drama

Sarah Phelps, who adapted the novel, opened up about the changes she made while bringing the novel to screen, telling Digital Spy: "I've taken some very clear and quite big liberties, with the story of the novel. But I think I've represented the spirit of the novel. I wanted to write something that you think is familiar but it isn't. [The characters have] got to feel like they live, and they've got blood pulsing through their veins, and [like] they've got something to say." She added: "A couple of real Agatha Christie fans have contacted me via Twitter and things like… Some people don't like [it], but a lot of people, even the people who are real devoted purists, we'll have a chat about it, and in general, it's a really lively conversation."

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