Intense sneak peek photos from The Cry finale are here

We can't wait to see how this show wraps up

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Viewers have been enraptured by BBC One's drama The Cry, which follows new mum Joanne (played by Jenna Coleman) deal with her grief and overwhelming press attention after her son, Noah, disappears. However (and spoiler alert to those who aren't up-to-date with the show), it turns out that Joanne and her husband Alastair are actually behind the baby's disappearance all along, as poor Noah actually died and the couple hid his body so that his tragic death wouldn't affect Alastair's custody battle with his ex-wife.


According to Alastair, Joanne was to blame for their son's death after she accidentally fed him the wrong medicine following a 27-hour flight from the UK to Australia, but is all what it seems? Throughout the series we have seen glimpses of Joanne in a courtroom, and assumed that she was on trial for the murder of her son. However, in the penultimate episode, we discovered that she is actually on trial for the death of her husband, Alastair.


In the new photos, there appears to be a scene where Alastair shows his wife where he buried his son, and, overcome with emotion, Jo lies over him on the ground, looking devastated. It also appears that the episode will show the moment that Jo is supposed to have switched the two medications at the airport, as a still from the episode shows her with a bottle of the medicine while looking exhausted after the long flight.

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The preview photos also appear to include a flashback from when Alastair first proposed to Jo along with ominous photos of her in a hospital bed - so what are the events leading up to this moment? Taking to Twitter to discuss the show, one person wrote: "When you realise you've been following the wrong murder trial the last three episodes! Very clever, did not see that coming! BBC are blowing it out the park with these dramas recently!"

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Another person added: "Well knowing he's dead has cheered me up, think I'd have murdered him too." Some fans are also determined that although Alastair told Jo that Noah's death was her fault, it was actually him who was behind their son's death, and that is why Joanne will eventually murder him. One person tweeted: "The Cry theory: Baby was killed by the bush fire smoke mentioned in first episode. Alistair convinces Jo it was her meds to control her for the sake of his custody case. Jo finds out and kills Alistair which is the trial we now witness.

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