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Doctor Who sneak peek shows Doctor saying goodbye to her new companions

Will the companions really leave the Doctor alone?

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It is a rite of passage in Doctor Who for the companions to be dropped off home after their first adventure and be given the option of continuing their travels with the Doctor. For Rose, it was the promise that the TARDIS travels in time and so she can travel all of time and space and return to the same spot. For Amy, it was after waiting for years to meet the Doctor again and for Donna… Well, Donna pretty much found it and decided she was going travelling whether the Doctor liked it or not. The sneak peek for the next episode of the sci-fi show, Arachnids in the UK, appears to reveal the same moment with the new three companions as they prepare to say goodbye to the Doctor, except with a whole new twist.


Will the Doctor leave without her new companions?

In the clip, the Doctor is preparing to say goodbye to her companions, saying: "'Spose this is it... Got you back, guess we're done. Nice having you aboard." After Graham says: "Thanks Doc, it's been a blast, truly," Yas adds: "What're you going to do now?" The Doctor, as per usual, suggests that she'll be travelling around the universe alone when she is promptly invited to Yas' house for dinner. She quickly accepts, saying: "Definitely! Yes I would. I love tea. Tea at Yaz's, amazing."

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Fans shared their reactions to the video, with one writing: "I love how she's taken so quickly to them and really wants them to stay but is clearly afraid to seem clingy," while another person added: "This is so beautiful. The Doctor doesn't want to be alone and really the gang don't want her to go either. Awesome! Find it quite funny Graham calls her doc and past incarnations hated that."

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