New TARDIS for 13th Doctor

Doctor Who fans have emotional reaction to the new TARDIS

Find out fans reactions to the new Doctor Who TARDIS

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The second episode of the new series of Doctor Who premiered on Sunday night, and introduced the brand new TARDIS for the very first time. Fans took to Twitter to discuss the redesign, which is typically done every time a new actor takes on the role of the Doctor. One person wrote: "I loved how there was more focus on The Doctor's reaction to the TARDIS than the companions. I also love those little details in the design!" Another person added: "Me. Freaking. Out. At. The. Look. Of. The. New. Tardis."


The Doctor rediscovered the TARDIS in the second episode

The episode saw the Doctor trying to find her TARDIS again while accidentally bringing along her three new companions, Yas, Ryan and Graham, along for the ride. In the final few moments of the episode, the spaceship finally materialises, giving her the chance to go on new adventures. The new version of the TARDIS also included a very exciting couple of additions, including a custard cream dispenser. Speaking about the new feature, one person tweeted: "Me: 'Doctor Who has completely been reinvented with Jodie Whittaker, fresh storylines and a killer soundtrack.' Someone else: 'Oh cool.' Me: 'Oh and the TARDIS now dishes out biscuits.' Them: 'I'm in.'" Another person joked: "Best. Tardis. Ever. Just for that custard cream dispenser."

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The second episode also gave the first hint of a story arc for the Doctor, as the monsters from the episode reference "the Timeless Child", which appears to worry the Doctor. In the episode, they said: "We see what's hidden, even from yourself. The outcast, abandoned and unknown," hinting that there is certainly more to come from the storyline. Speaking about the storyline, one person wrote: "The Timeless Child. Now I'm REALLY curious!" Another added: "OKAY BUT [WHAT] WAS TIMELESS CHILD ANSWER ME."

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