Fans of Doctor Who have one huge problem with the new series

Doctor Who fans joked about this small issue in the new episode

Doctor Who impressed viewers and critics alike with the premiere on Sunday night, which saw Jodie Whittaker take over from Peter Capaldi as the first ever female Doctor. While fans of the show were delighted to see the Broadchurch actress in the role, there was one problem that some fans – particularly across the pond – were struggling with: the Yorkshire accent! Taking to Twitter to discuss the episode, with one person writing: "Any other Americans finding the Sheffield accent slightly impenetrable? This message transmitted from my viewing of the first ten minutes of the latest Doctor Who. (And I've rarely had a hard time with accents)."

Fans joked that they couldn't understand the Yorkshire accents

Another person added: "Loved the show, but my American hubby kept asking me what she was saying and I had to explain about the spoons, it being Sheffield… As for her accent, guess we'll be adding in the subtitles." However, others were delighted with Jodie's Northern accent, with one tweeting: "One of amusing things to me about what people dislike about the new Doctor is the accent. I loved the accent, that's an accent I grew up hearing which makes it all the better. It has been a while since I've enjoyed watching Dr Who, but I really like Jodie's Doctor."

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Another person joked: "The fact that everyone in the new Doctor Who series is from Yorkshire warms my heart and also makes me wish I had subtitles to read." This isn't the first time that US fans have struggled with Jodie's accent. During an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in early October, Jodie explained that she was from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, but the subtitles read: "I am from Hoodezfield." Fans were amused to see the gaffe, with one writing: "A valiant attempt by the American subtitler."

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