Noel Edmonds reveals unseen I'm a Celebrity footage and 'appalling' camp conditions

He also revealed he wasn't as 'naughty' as he wanted to be

Hollie Richardson

Noel Edmonds was the first contestant to wave goodbye to the I'm a Celebrity camp on Friday's episode, before joining Scarlett Moffatt on Extra Camp to talk about his time in the jungle. The 69-year-old revealed that there are some stories about the last two weeks that viewers don't know about, saying: "There are a lot of stories that have not been broadcast. I don’t think people can fully appreciate what it is like round the clock to be going from these huge periods of absolute boredom to moments of total terror in-between having almost no food and the most appalling toilet facilities." He added: "I wasn’t as naughty as I expected to be in there, mainly because we spent a lot of time talking. And really chewing the fat on issues."

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Noel reunites with his wife

While Noel continued to chat with Scarlett and watch back his best bits of the show, he added: "That almost looks like someone else. I mean the whole thing is such a weird experience. I haven’t lied, since I came in here I was just going to be myself, open and honest. I haven’t done anything for effect. This is in the top 10 life experiences for me. Please believe me, this is just about the finest production I’ve ever been involved with… It's incredible, I’m humbled and proud to have been a part of it"

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Noel was reportedly the highest paid contestant this series but he only managed to survive the jungle for nine days. Although he was voted out by viewers, fans were shocked at his departure from camp, including fellow celebrities. TV presenter Matthew Wright wrote on Twitter: "How can Noel Edmonds go first?? The most entertaining camp mate of the bunch!: while radio DJ Greg James said: "We've absolutely blown is by voting out Noel first. This was going to be the best TV in decades. We shouldn't be allowed to vote about things we don't understand. Furious and sad."

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