Corrie's Chris Gascoyne hints at Peter and Carla's dramatic New Year storyline

Corrie's Chris Gascoyne opened up about their relationship

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Coronation Street's Chris Gascoyne is as intrigued about Peter and Carla's relationship in the popular soap as we are, and hinted that there is serious drama to come in the next few weeks for the pair! Speaking about what the fans have to expect from the couple – and if they're really going to get back together – he told HELLO!: "We've seen a bit - there are some really good scenes on New Year's Eve, in the snooker hall."


Peter receives a boat

He continued: "They have a game of snooker and she wins. He didn't know she could play snooker. And she said, 'If you lose you have to sell this place. It's horrible. You're just jumping from one thing to another just to get away from there' – that's what he does - and you're going to do the same again along the line. So she beats him and he says, 'You were right about this place,' and they are just there on their own, on New Year's Eve, and they get very close." He added that he would like to see the couple back together, and revealed that he thinks that they will, but that Peter enjoys the chase. He said: "It's more interesting. Once they are together you're back into that domestic kind of arguments, who buys the teabags, who does the cooking, so I think at the moment it's really pitched - I think it's pitched very well."  

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The star also hinted that there might be some drama involved Peter's new boat, saying: "It's a big 25 ft. boat, Lost Boy, and he has to do it all up to pristine condition, with a certain person, who I can't name, a very unlikely person." Joking about the boat being part of Peter's midlife crisis, he continued: "That's what everybody else is accusing him of. I don't think he's having a midlife crisis. He's always had a crisis - I don't think midlife is necessarily different. You'd think it would be a car, wouldn't you, but it's not, it's a boat and I think what he sees that boat as representing, with Carla - he sees it as a way to be himself and leave - but it's a dream… and then that's the tragedy of what happens."  

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