Coronation Street spoilers: Kate and Rana break-up after devastating revelation

Will our favourite Corrie characters have a Happy Christmas?

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Since Christmas is nearly upon us we have a special treat for you – early Coronation Street spoilers! Yep, don't say we don't give you anything! In the week after next's episodes from 17 to 21 December, Kate and Rana's relationship is seriously on the rocks, Gina and Tim grow closer, and Jenny falls down the stairs while rowing with Johnny about Liz. Find out what else happens here…

Monday 17 December part one

Kate and Rana have a blazing row after Rana admits she doesn't want a baby at all. In the Bistro, Kate bites her tongue when Michelle innocently talks about hers and Robert's baby plans. Kate calls in to Adam's office and explains her deal with Robert is off but as Adam cracks open a bottle of scotch, Kate looks at him through new eyes, her mind whirling. Fuelled by alcohol, a determined Kate seduces Adam into kissing her passionately.

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After a night searching for Cerberus, Evelyn and Roy awake in the Woody to find a police officer accusing them of engaging in lewd conduct. They are let off with a warning. Later, Tyrone, Evelyn and Roy are out dog hunting when they spot a man walking Cerberus and follow him home. Evelyn demands her dog back but when she has no proof the dog belongs to her, the man laughs in her face.


When Johnny leaves for an appointment at the brewery and Liz vanishes, Jenny begins to track their movements on the trailer app. Liz receives a call from the police about Jim and Hannah and begs Johnny to give her a lift to the station which he reluctantly agrees to. Checking the app, Jenny is furious to discover Johnny and Liz are together. Jenny confronts Johnny, lying that she saw the pair drive off. Elsewhere, pressure mounting, Brian snaps when Jack forgets his lines at the nativity rehearsal, leaving Jack feeling awful. Back from the funeral, Audrey reveals to Rita, Nick and Lewis that Archie left her £80k.


Monday 17 December part two

At the flat, Rana insists she doesn't want to break up with Kate but later Alya tells Rana that Imran saw Kate and Adam getting frisky in the office. Rana confronts Kate and insists the relationship is over.

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The dognapper catches Evelyn, Roy and Tyrone attempting to break in to his back garden and calls the police. Meanwhile, Johnny and Jenny have a furious row. Liz tells Johnny that Jim and Hannah are being detained for questioning meanwhile in a hotel room, Jenny's app confirms to her that Johnny and Liz are together. Elsewhere, in way of an apology, Brian offers to help Jack remember his lines. Lewis wants to prove the Platts that he is not after Audrey's money.


Wednesday 19 December part one

When Brian is sent home during the nativity final run through by Phil for exhaustion, he drowns his sorrows in the Rovers but he decides he has every right to watch the show so drunkenly sneaks in to the back of the hall with Cathy. David, Shona, Mary, Maria, Kevin and Tyrone are also in the audience while Phil paints himself a hero to the governors. When Jack spots Brian he, Liam and the others revert to the rap version of the play which is a resounding success. Jealous Phil calls Brian up on stage but as Brian takes a bow, Phil hitches his belt to the Angel Gabriel's harness and hoists him in the air.


Rana confronts Adam and is unforgiving. She agrees to talk to Kate calmly but Kate is stung when Rana confirms they are over. Meanwhile, Sophie calls at No.4 and is resentful of Gina and Tim's cosy set-up. Sophie is gutted when Paula rejects the idea of launching an appeal and presents her with a bill running into thousands of pounds. Sophie suggests that Tim sells his half of Street Cars. Elsewhere, a hungover Jenny arrives home after staying out all night. Johnny invites Jenny for lunch but she gives him short shrift. Johnny invites Kate to move into the Rovers.

Wednesday 19 December part two

Brian's show ends in a showdown and Phil looks on smugly. Later, Phil follows Brian to the Rovers and lunges at him. Meanwhile, Sophie tells Sally that Tim's refusing to sell Street Cars. Sophie warns Tim that if he doesn't sell, the lawyers will come after No.4 but when Tim blames Sally for the whole sorry mess, Sophie's shocked to find Tim has put No.4 on the market.


Knocking back the wine and tracking Liz's movements on her app, Jenny accidentally smacks herself in the face on a cupboard door. Jenny spots a DVD of ‘Personal Services' on a shelf and puts it into the DVD player. She logs on to an escort website, clearly plotting something. Elsewhere, Alya calls at Rana's flat and learns that she's dumped Kate.

Friday 21 December part one

Tim invites Gina to move in with him and Faye. When Sally phones home, Gina is duplitice and plays Tim and Sally off one another, leaving both crushed about their relationship. At the Street Cars Christmas party at the Bisto with Eileen, Steve and Tracy, Tim hits the bottle. A drunk Tim angrily declares his wife did the dirty so it's time he did the same and Gina enters and listens, intrigued.

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Johnny's shocked by Jenny's black eye and Gemma is suspicious. Jim and Hannah have been released without charge and Jenny attempts to stir the pot by suggesting Johnny accompany Liz to the police station. Gemma notes the tension between them.


Cathy begs Yasmeen to give Brian this year's Father Christmas role at the Community Centre to boost his confidence. Elsewhere, Eileen's taken aback when Seb explains that because he can't adopt the twins until he's 21, he needs her to apply for joint guardianship with him so they can move into No.11.

Friday 21 December part two

After being kicked out of the Bistro, Tim stands atop the fire escape on Victoria Street singing carols and Gina climbs up to fetch him down. An emotional Tim admits he misses Sally but back at No.4, a maudlin Tim thanks Gina for being there and plants a kiss on her.


Jenny and Johnny row over Johnny's sympathy for Liz but she misses her footing and falls down the stairs. Elsewhere, when prison dealer Marcia offers a downcast Abi some drugs to lift her mood, an eavesdropping Sally swiftly steps in and drags Abi away. Eileen informs Seb that without Abi's blessing she won't pursue the guardianship. Sally urges Abi to stay clean to regain Seb's trust.


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